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Mercenary appeals – Sizable groups of Russian mercenaries claim Moscow is keeping them at arm's length, and they're not happy about it. Members of more than a dozen Russian "private military companies," supported by Russian military veterans, filed a petition last month with the International Criminal Court (ICC) demanding an investigation of their sponsors.

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27,000: Despite confident predictions of its demise, Nigeria-based terrorist group Boko Haram remains active in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon. The multinational fight with Boko Haram has killed 27,000 people and driven 2 million from their homes.

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China agrees to buy more US goods but is the trade war really over? It's your World in 60 Seconds with Ian Bremmer!

Efforts to prevent the possibly catastrophic consequences of climate change may well depend on cooperation between today's two biggest geopolitical rivals: the US and China. Once the world's top polluting nation, the US has been eclipsed in recent years by China. Here's a look at the global share of CO2 emissions in 1980 vs. 2016.