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Okuafo Pa means good farmer in the Twi language of West Africa. Hence, the naming of the project reflects the value of good farming and the rewards it brings to the people of Ghana. The Okuafo Pa Project will support Ghana's sustainable development by promoting socio-economic growth and sustainable business models.

Watch to learn how Eni is helping youth to develop agricultural knowledge and skills.

A century after the rise and destruction of Tulsa's Greenwood neighborhood, Greenwood Rising is turning the site of a tragedy into a vibrant community hub, supported by a $1 million grant from Bank of America.

Greenwood, or Black Wall Street, was a thriving community of Black-owned businesses until the race-fueled massacre of 1921 that killed hundreds of Black residents and wiped out the neighborhood's homes and businesses. 100 years after this tragedy, increased economic activity in the neighborhood—including a history center—is bringing to life the spirit of Black Wall Street.

We believe the world needs a bold ambition and a broad vision for the future of carbon accounting and the SEC has a vital role to play.

We fully believe the world needs to create a net-zero carbon economy by the year 2050. While many different steps are required, they all rely on a common foundation that ensures carbon emissions are measured in an accurate, consistent and reliable manner globally. In short, if we don't all measure carbon emissions the same way, we're likely to talk past each other, create confusion and ultimately delude ourselves about the pace of progress. Within Microsoft, we often talk about our own "carbon accounting." It may not be the most dramatic aspect of the world's carbon crisis, but it's an indispensable early step on the path to progress. To read Microsoft's full comments and why the company believes the process is so important, visit Microsoft on the Issues.

Since 2018, the Live Better U program has helped prepare associates for careers at Walmart or wherever their professional ambitions take them. This year marked the largest number of LBU graduates - all 4,104 of them - in a12-month period. For just $1 a day, they earned a degree or diploma and achieved an important milestone to learn, grow and build their careers. Learn how Walmart's education benefits are now helping 28,000 active students.

Eni is helping to bring stable energy sources to the communities of Ghana. This means vaccines for children can now be safely stored, businesses can operate more efficiently, and the economy, as a whole, is strengthened and improved.

Watch to learn how Eni helps businesses grow and build for the future.

Two out of three U.S. women say they were not encouraged to pursue a career in STEM, even though volumes of research continue to show that, across industries, teams with gender diversity drive success.

Three women inventors at Bank of America share how childhood curiosity has spurred a lifetime of innovation.

In 2017, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Airband Initiative to expand broadband access in rural America. Last week, the company expanded Airband to U.S. cities that face some of the largest broadband gaps among racial and ethnic minorities, specifically Black and African American communities. The approach focuses on providing access to affordable broadband, devices and digital skilling tools and resources in eight cities, including aiding in the digital transformation of the institutions that support these communities. The initial work will extend access to communities in Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, El Paso, Los Angeles, Memphis, Milwaukee and New York City. To read more about racial and digital inequity and how Microsoft is addressing it, visit Microsoft on the Issues.

Over the next decade, Walmart's $350 billion investment in U.S. manufacturing has the potential to:

  • Support more than 750,000 new American jobs.
  • Avoid more than 100M metric tons of CO2 emissions by working with suppliers to shift to U.S. manufacturing.
  • Advance the growth of U.S.-based suppliers.
  • Provide opportunities for more than 9,000 entrepreneurs to become Walmart suppliers and sellers through Walmart's annual Open Call.

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