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Meet Ian Martin, an English Professor from Glasgow who is now head of Communications for Eni's International Resources. Approaching his work in the same way he used to hold his lectures, Ian is dedicated to listening and making people around him comfortable. Having working in both Milan and London, Ian utilizes his ability to communicate in different languages and cultures to prepare Eni's global messaging strategy. "Communication is a transfer of humanity," he says, and his job is as much centered around people as it as around language.

Watch Ian's human approach to communications on the most recent episode of Faces of Eni.

Bank of America's $25 million jobs initiative provides Black and Hispanic-Latino individuals access to skills and training needed for jobs of the future. Learn more about the initiative, which involves partnerships with 21 community colleges, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and Hispanic Serving Institutions.

Nearly two years into Microsoft's Affordable Housing Initiative, it has become apparent that in order to close the affordable housing gap there needs to be fresh, innovative approaches to housing finance – in Washington and nationwide. Despite continued rapid growth in greater Seattle, the community is not providing enough housing that is affordable for people who live here – particularly low- and middle-income households. For example, between 2011 and 2019 jobs grew 24% while housing only grew 12%, and, while median household income increased by 34% median, housing prices increased by 78%. This challenge is compounded by the deep economic crisis of Covid-19, and the historical inequity faced by communities of color.

Microsoft announced a set of investments totaling $65 million (of the company's overall $750 million commitment) to help support the creation of more than 1,000 new affordable housing units for greater Seattle. To read more about the investments, visit Microsoft On The Issues.

Visit Microsoft on The Issues for a front-row seat to see how Microsoft is thinking about the future of sustainability, accessibility, cybersecurity and more. Check back regularly to watch videos, and read blogs and feature stories to see how Microsoft is approaching the issues that matter most. Subscribe for the latest at Microsoft on the Issues.

Knowing the secrets of the Earth requires a great deal of exploration and intellectual curiosity. Fit for this job is geologist Giuseppe Valenti, Eni's Senior Vice President, whose role is to explore below the Earth's surface and understand the history, movements and age of each single grain of sand. Today, he is able to go underground without leaving the office thanks to new technologies and advanced x-rays that relay real-time data. Though working in the lab is distinctly different from his past adventures traveling the world, Giuseppe is not nostalgic for the past. He says he will always be Indiana Jones in spirit.

Watch the latest Faces of Eni episode to learn more about Giuseppe's inspirational life.

A new program from the Smithsonian Institution, supported by $25 million from Bank of America, will include online town halls featuring civil rights and social justice leaders discussing pressing topics, including the critical need for greater economic opportunity in communities of color. Learn more.

Two global issues will help shape people's memories of this time in history – Covid-19 and the increased use of the internet by malign actors to disrupt society. It's disturbing that these challenges have now merged as cyberattacks are being used to disrupt health care organizations fighting the pandemic. Microsoft thinks these attacks are unconscionable and should be condemned by all civilized society. Last week, the company shared more about the attacks it has seen most recently and is urging governments to act. To read more about the attacks on health care detected by Microsoft, visit Microsoft On The Issues.

Leading with balance

Meet Claudia Prati, Head of Eni's Refinery in Taranto. Often described as an acrobat skilled at juggling her work and private life, Claudia is a chemical engineer who manages an integrated operational structure and leads a team of 84 colleagues. Making the radical change from project, office-based work to an operations, refinery-based job in a new city, Claudia has had to confront her fears and build confidence.

Watch the latest Faces of Eni episode to learn more about how Claudia strikes a work-life balance.


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