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Are we really building back better after COVID?

Are we really building back better after COVID?

Eighteen months into a global pandemic, some countries are already recovering from COVID, while others are still in the thick of it. What's the current state of play on vaccines, what's holding up distribution, will the world emerge stronger or weaker and what should the private sector do? Top leaders from the United Nations, the WHO, the World Bank, and Microsoft weighed in during a Global Stage virtual conversation last week.

The question is not if, but rather how, corporations will get involved. Brad Smith, president and vice chair of Microsoft, believes the private sector has a big role to play in helping to roll out COVID vaccines. But the most important thing it can do, he says, is collaborate effectively with the public sector — with a clear understanding of each side's role "so we each do what we're equipped to do and what we do best." Watch clips from the live panel here.


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