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Closing the racial wealth and opportunity gap through startup innovation

A man and a woman sitting together

From a space-as-a-service app for the beauty industry to health expense-saving solutions, six new fintechs have joined the Mastercard Start Path In Solidarity program to grow their businesses. One of these companies, ShearShare, created an app that enables salon owners to rent out empty chairs to hairdressers and other beauty professionals on a per diem basis. Salons and barbershops make money off their previously empty chairs, and stylists can earn their wage in high-quality facilities, with flexibility and accessibility that lets them earn more and grow their small business on their own terms. This kind of digital technology can be the key to giving barber and beauty professionals financial control over their lives. Co-founder Tye Caldwell says, “The opportunity to fuel their own micro-enterprise — that’s what ShearShare can offer.”


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