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Microsoft submits comments to SEC on climate change disclosure

Image of a forest of trees enveloped by fog

We believe the world needs a bold ambition and a broad vision for the future of carbon accounting and the SEC has a vital role to play.

We fully believe the world needs to create a net-zero carbon economy by the year 2050. While many different steps are required, they all rely on a common foundation that ensures carbon emissions are measured in an accurate, consistent and reliable manner globally. In short, if we don't all measure carbon emissions the same way, we're likely to talk past each other, create confusion and ultimately delude ourselves about the pace of progress. Within Microsoft, we often talk about our own "carbon accounting." It may not be the most dramatic aspect of the world's carbon crisis, but it's an indispensable early step on the path to progress. To read Microsoft's full comments and why the company believes the process is so important, visit Microsoft on the Issues.


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