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Microsoft’s support for VP Harris’ initiative to promote economic opportunity in Central America

Image of a row of schoolchildren (boys and girls in white collared shirts) sitting in front of desktop computers and keyboards, with their hands on computer mouses

Microsoft's roots in Central America are not only deep but broad. We opened our first office in Guatemala in 1995 and soon followed in El Salvador and Honduras. Through our presence and work in this region, we've developed a deeper understanding and perspective on the root causes of the waves of migrants coming from Central America's Northern Triangle. The countries that comprise this region each have their own unique economies and cultures but share some common challenges that have contributed to this migration.

Strong U.S. leadership is critical. That's why we have wholeheartedly answered the Call to Action by Vice President Kamala Harris and the White House to build on our presence and commitment to this region by joining 12 global companies and organizations to promote economic opportunity. To read about Microsoft's commitment, visit Microsoft on the Issues.


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