High and Dry: Tackling Global Water Stress
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When we connect women entrepreneurs to capital, the whole world wins

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Around the world, women entrepreneurs are plagued by funding challenges. Historically, female founders are less likely to get approved for bank loans and are often subject to higher interest rates and smaller loan amounts. There’s a significant upside to supporting women-led businesses - attaining economic parity for women could add $12 trillion to the world economy, according to the World Economic Forum.

Mastercard is working to connect women entrepreneurs to the tools and services they need to thrive. We recently announced the fulfillment of our pledge to reach 25 million women entrepreneurs worldwide with solutions to help them grow their businesses, two years ahead of schedule. To meet that ambitious goal, we focused on digital acceptance of payments, access to credit and mentorship, as well as networking and other forms of expertise. We believe that unlocking the potential of these women entrepreneurs will benefit everyone.


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