Former Central Bank Governor Ajmal Ahmady discusses Afghanistan's perilous future

Former Central Bank Governor Ajmal Ahmady Discusses Afghanistan's Perilous Future | GZERO World

Ian Bremmer speaks to exiled Afghan Central Bank Governor Ajmal Ahmady on his own harrowing escape and the perils that await the very much aid-dependent country's economy now under Taliban control.

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Big Democracies That Depend On Russia | GZERO World

Western leaders love to say that Russia's war in Ukraine is a fight for democracy itself. But not all of the world's democracies agree. India, the world's largest democracy, remains neutral and keeps buying Russian arms and oil. In Brazil, the two frontrunners for the presidency are soft on Vladimir Putin. Why? Russian fertilizer. More than half of African countries won't condemn Russia's invasion, and wheat may have something to do with it. Framing Ukraine as a battle between democracy and autocracy sounds great, but the reality is more complicated.

Listen: To fix our broken international political system, we need a crisis. For instance, a pandemic, climate catastrophe, Big Tech having too much power, or a Russian invasion of Ukraine. But it must be a crisis that's so destructive it forces us to respond fast, and together — like World War II. That's the crisis that created the international system we have today, and kept the peace until now. On GZERO World, Ian Bremmer talks to Anne-Marie Slaughter, former US State Department official and now CEO of New America, and political scientist and Harvard professor Stephen Walt about the war and other crises.

All Russians Lose in Putin's War | GZERO World

Vladimir Putin claims overwhelming domestic support for Russia's "special military operation" in Ukraine. Is that true? Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, who talks to Russians almost every day, says what he's hearing is that there no winners inside Russia, where the war has hurt Putin politically. Even the oligarchs are unhappy: "There is not a single economic actor in Russia [who] thinks this is good." Why? Before the war, Russians had been richer than at any time in history, McFaul tells Ian Bremmer on GZERO World.

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Ian Bremmer’s new book, The Power of Crisis, couldn’t be any more on the news cycle. His argument is provocative, frightening, and ultimately optimistic.