What did we learn at the Munich Security Conference?

What are your takeaways from the Munich Security Conference?

I think there are three: The US message was essentially we should love sovereignty, I should dislike China, and Huawei in particular. European message: We have to develop an appetite for power, but it may take some time. German message: Well, we might get our act together.

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Are CEOs getting real about climate change?

Kevin Sneader, global managing partner of McKinsey & Company, answers the question: Are CEOs getting real about climate change?

The answer, yes. Why? One, it's personal. Many have watched with horror the wildfires that took place recently. Others have even been evacuated. And for some, the snow set in Davos, they experienced incredibly mild temperatures that laid all to quip that climate change really has arrived. But the other reasons are a growing understanding of the nature of climate change.

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Welcome to Business In 60 Seconds with McKinsey's Kevin Sneader

As the head of a leading management consulting firm, global managing partner of McKinsey & Company Kevin Sneader has an inside view into the challenges facing the world's top executives. Every Thursday, Sneader will address questions about key issues like attracting and retaining talent, growing revenue, navigating change, staying ahead of the competition, and corporate responsibility – all in 60 seconds.

Betty Liu explains: earnings season & stock impacts

Betty Liu, Executive Vice Chairman for NYSE Group, explains:

We're in the midst of earnings season. Why are earnings so important?

So, each financial quarter, every publicly traded company reports their earnings performance and they usually create quite a buzz in the community. So, earnings reports are basically profit and revenue at a company. And analysts take a look at that because it's a really good indicator of the health of a business.

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Ian Bremmer from Munich: "Westless" angst from NATO allies

Ian Bremmer analyzes the discourse from the Munich Security Conference 2020:

It's interesting, a lot of existential angst at this year's conference because you've got all the NATO allies and they're not sure exactly what they want in the region or the world. NATO hasn't really changed all that much since the Soviet collapse, but it also hasn't had to in the sense that the real concern has been Russia and it's been the military balance in the region. If you're sitting in Europe and particularly Eastern Europe, that's been what you've been primarily exercised with. And so even though Trump has said, "ah, it's obsolete" - no, it's not anymore. They're spending more money and there's a lot of forward deployment.

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What has the coronavirus done to the tech industry?

Nicholas Thompson, editor-in-chief of WIRED, discusses technology industry news today:

Now that Andrew Yang is out of the presidential race, is any candidate talking about tech?

Well yea, Elizabeth Warren talks about it a lot. She talks about antitrust, she talks about disinformation. Klobuchar has talked about tech a little bit. But it is true Yang was the candidate who brought it up the most. It's an issue that has not been discussed enough in the race, so Yang will be missed.

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Ben White's New Hampshire primary predictions

It's a close race between Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg for first. I think Sanders wins, Buttigieg comes in second. Amy Klobuchar might surge to third. And then it's a fight for fourth and fifth between Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Biden's got to hustle down to South Carolina after this. He better win there or he's in real trouble.


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