Can WordPress and Tumblr compete with Facebook?

Can WordPress and Tumblr compete with Facebook?

No! I'm glad that WordPress purchased Tumblr which was for sale in a fire sale but they're not going be able to build a Facebook competitor. They will build a better CMS. It'll be fun to use, but not a Facebook.

Is Huawei's HarmonyOS an Android replacement?

It is not. It is a good start on an android replacement. To replace Android you would need all the app developers to join as well.

Is Twitter doing a good job at cleaning up its platform?

I hate to say this but it's not. They are trying. The changes they make are good changes. But Twitter fundamentally, right now, is making democracy worse. It's making conversations worse. It's stressing people out. It needs an overhaul. It needs bigger changes than what the company is doing right now.


Is the Gannett–GateHouse merger good or bad for local journalism?

Is the Gannet GateHouse merger good or bad news for local journalism?

It's probably bad. So it's the two biggest newspaper chains in the U.S. combining. They're going to own 1 in 6 newspapers in America. The problem is we're not seeing much of a strategy here, it's really mostly a financial deal and an expensive one at that with a lot of pressure to cut costs. They're looking to save about $300 million annually. That means layoffs. That means centralizing some functions like ad sales or design editing, consolidating regionally possibly selling off newspapers, selling off real estate. The problem is a lot of these things have already happened to American newspapers and more than once. So you're really getting blood out of a stone at this point. It's not good news for the communities they cover or the people who work there.

What does the CBS Viacom merger mean for consumers?

Ultimately, it's going to further divide up the content that you love across multiple platforms. The streaming war is on! CBS and Viacom felt they had to merge in order to stand up to the bigger players in the game like Disney, Netflix, Amazon. Viacom was so far quite happy to put their content on whatever platform would have them That's probably going to change. For you, it means you have to get more subscriptions and pay more to see all of the shows that you love especially the Star Trek franchise, in this case. So unfortunately, just more expensive bills just like back in the days of cable.

That's it for this week. It's a special episode of Media in 60. It's the last one produced by the wonderful Adam Pourahmadi, who's moving on to bigger and better things. Thank you, Adam. You were a joy to work with. Godspeed. We'll take a short break and we'll be back in September with more Media in 60 Seconds.

How big of a threat are Hong Kong protests to global markets?

How big of a threat are Hong Kong protests to global markets?

Well less the protests than the almost certain Chinese crackdown that is going to come against the more violent protesters, who tried to basically divide the Hong Kong population that way and make them much less effective as a conduit for international finance. There will be a negative market reaction against mainland China as well. And Singapore will do a little bit better. But my God. How horrible for Hong Kong.

Is Russia developing a new nuclear missile?

It certainly seems that way. But more importantly it's just good to remember that there is this existential threat out there in terms of these major nuclear arms race. The Russians have a tiny economy today but doesn't stop them from being able to wipe away the planet. And on balance the fact they're in decline should make us worry.

What’s the best way to impress other people?

What's the best way to impress other people?

Pretty much anything other than self-promotion. There's a lot of evidence that when people toot their own horns it tends to backfire. People will judge them as arrogant, narcissistic, and especially as insecure. They know that if you were really amazing you wouldn't have to work so hard to tell other people how amazing you are. Research suggests that instead of promoting yourself it's more effective if other people promote you because after all you're not a credible judge of your own abilities and accomplishments. But if other people think highly of you and they're willing to talk about that that can go a long way. And so, if you're in a situation where you feel like you have to self-promote, then it's worth asking, "OK, over my career, who are the people that I've really impressed?" "Who are not only willing but maybe even excited to sing my praises." And then, "how can I invite them to do that in an honest and genuine way?"

Can Democrats Beat President Trump on Gun Control?

Can Democrats beat President Trump on gun control?

Yes they can. There's widespread public support for things like an assault weapons ban particularly potent for Democrats in suburban areas in swing states like Pennsylvania where support for gun control is even higher.

Should Republicans be worried about Texas in 2020?

They should. I'm skeptical that it goes blue in 2020 but the numbers are moving against Trump. He's almost underwater in terms of popularity there and the changing nature of demographics of the state, the growing urban areas, really trending badly for Republicans. Not sure it happens in 2020.

What's the most important thing that happened at the Iowa State Fair?

Well it reminded us that Iowa's wide open. Joe Biden has a lead in the public polls and the corn kernel poll. But Buttigieg, Harris, Warren, Sanders all right there.

The Rant: President Trump and the stock market

A lot of people don't notice that we are exactly where we were 18 months ago. Stocks have done nothing since the trade war began and they won't without some sort of resolution. Meanwhile the real economy is also on the brink of recession with all of the trade tensions with China. Trump has got to get something done here. If he wants to win re-election.

Can 8chan be taken down?

Can 8chan be taken down?

8chan is the site that has hosted all kinds of horrible shooter manifestos. It can be taken down. In fact it lost its DNS protection through CloudFlare. The question is: will it come back up? It probably will.

Is it possible to hack the Boeing 787?

Probably not. Though they did very stupidly leave a lot of code open on the Internet that somebody found. He analyzed it and thought that maybe he could get in through the inflight system and then control the plane. That would not be good at all.

What does Donald Trump have against Sundar Pichai?

Pichai is the CEO of Google. Trump has been hate tweeting him. Why has he been doing that? Well a lot of people at Google are Democrats. Trump would really like them to be more subservient. There are some Republicans at Google who feel beleaguered but mostly it's Trump trying to kind of game the system, trying to work the rest, try and get Google to act as favorably towards him in the next election as possible.


How to Interview Someone for a Job

If you're interviewing someone for a job, or just considering working with someone new, how do you get them to tell the truth about their weaknesses?

I have three favorite ways to get people to answer the weakness question honestly. The first one is to ask, "What's a piece of constructive criticism that you've gotten recently?" And that way they can tell you not just what they're bad at, but also how they're working to improve.

What Should I Do When the Stock Market Is Volatile?

You know the answer to this. We know the answer, which is don't just do something — stand there, keep invested, keep making your recurring deposits. If this makes you feel any better, there's a study out from Oppenheimer Funds — that I thought was really very interesting — which is if you were invested in the equity markets on any day from the 1920s through to today, and you stayed in for 15 years, so you're a long-term investor, your chances of a positive return over that period of time were 99%.

So if you're in for the long term, this is an opportunity for you.

How likely is violence in Kashmir?

Much more likely now that the Indians have actually change administrative status. They know that. All of the geopolitical risks out there: Turkey going into Syria, Russia cyber-war against the United States, Iran conflict, U.S. - China, that are usually 1-5%. Right now, they're more like 10% 20% and they're getting worse. None of them are likely to happen. But if you look at all of them we're not going to be able to avoid crises for much longer.


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