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Corruption is stagnating worldwide. But according to Transparency International, it's gotten worse mostly in countries with a poor human rights record, strengthening the link between authoritarianism and graft. Which nations were the most and least corrupt in 2021? We take a look.

Joe Biden's approval rating has taken a big hit during his first year as US president. Biden is now just slightly more popular than his predecessor Donald Trump at the same point in his presidency. While Biden has made a series of policy and political blunders that might be reflected in polling, this is also a sign of the times: US politics are now so polarized that presidential approval has a low ceiling. We compare the approval ratings of the last five US presidents in their first year.

One of the keys to accelerating financial inclusion and building a more equitable digital economy is to enable minority-owned businesses to scale. And one of the fastest ways to do that is through partnerships with a global network like Visa. At the Visa Economic Empowerment Institute (VEEI), we’re committed to providing research and insights on important issues related to inclusive economic policy. Our reports cover topics like what women-owned businesses need to unlock growth and how to empower Black and Brown-owned banks. Read more of our latest stories here.

The pandemic has thrown many already-indebted countries further into the red. The problem is two-pronged for many Asian, African, and Latin American countries. They have taken on huge amounts of debt from the IMF to weather pandemic-related economic uncertainty, while also being caught up in a debt trap set by China, which funds large infrastructure projects in developing states but often with complex or misleading fine print. We take a look at which countries out of a group of 24 surveyed states owe China the most compared to their respective IMF debts.

Boris Johnson is a political animal. He's also famous for being impervious to scandal, often emerging from a new controversy stronger than before. But recently the British PM has been caught in so many political scandals that most Brits — and his own Conservative Party — have now turned their back on him, perhaps for good. We take a look at Johnson's approval ratings over the past year, highlighting a few of the dramas that have eroded his popularity.

For almost half a century, NATO and the Soviet-backed Warsaw Pact alliance glowered at each other across the Iron Curtain. But after the USSR collapsed, NATO expanded eastwards by welcoming former Eastern Bloc members – a development Moscow viewed as a direct challenge to its sphere of influence. This dynamic has become a massive point of contention recently, as Moscow increasingly threatens Ukraine's sovereignty. Russia wants assurances from Washington that states like Ukraine, Finland, and Sweden won’t join NATO. Here's a look at the history of the alliance's expansion.

As COVID vaccines started being widely rolled out in much of the developed world a little under a year ago, we documented how the EU was outpacing the US in new deaths and cases, in large part due to Brussels’ bungling of the vaccine rollout for much of the first half of 2021. But in the age of omicron, where medical systems are buckling under the weight of exploding caseloads, that gap has narrowed significantly: the US and EU are now reporting eerily similar new daily death tolls per 1 million people. We compare new COVID deaths in both places over the past year.

One year after the insurrection at the US Capitol, how do Americans reflect on that event and its aftermath? Has it brought people together from across the political divide who collectively regret this stain on American democracy? Nope. Surveys show that Republicans, and GOP-leaning voters, overwhelmingly think that former President Trump is not to blame for what went down on January 6,2021, and that pursuing the rioters now is not a priority. Democrats, on the other hand, firmly disagree. We take a look at voters’ views taken right after the insurrection as well as nine months later.

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