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An Iranian woman walks past a huge mural of Iran's flag, in the Enghelab (Revolution) avenue in downtown Tehran, September 12, 2023.

Morteza Nikoubazl/NurPhoto via Reuters

10: Under a new law passed Wednesday, Iranian women could be jailed for up to ten years if they refuse to wear hijab. The crackdown comes just days after the one year anniversary of the death of Mahsa Amini, who died in state custody after the morality police arrested her for not wearing hijab properly.

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Undocumented Immigrants from West Africa, Mexico, and Venezuela camp outside the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.

Catherine Nance / SOPA Images/Sipa USA via Reuters

As President Joe Biden left the Big Apple last night, his administration announced that Venezuelans already in the country could legally live and work in the US for the next 18 months.

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A graphic showing English-French bilingualism in Canada.

GZERO Media/ Luisa Vieria

Parlez-vous le français? Probably pas très bien if you live outside Quebec, according to census data from Statistics Canada.

The share of Canadians who can hold a conversation in both English and French has plateaued around 18% for two decades, despite strong legal protections for the French language and official encouragement of bilingualism.

The background: Political rivalries between English and French-speaking Canadians dominated the early history of the country, and fuel some radical independence movements in Quebec even today. Official adoption of bilingualism at a federal level in 1969 was meant to help heal the rift.

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Fragmented Canadian maple leaf over map of the world

Luisa Vieira

Protected by three oceans and the hegemony of the United States, Canadian foreign policy has long been shaped by geographical accident and proximity to power. The trade-off has been that while Canada doesn’t have great power preoccupations it remains stuck within the orbit of its most important ally, the US, which does.

But now, the Canadian government is facing a series of foreign policy challenges that put it in an awkward position. Ottawa suddenly needs to clarify its goals and refine its tactics. Can it?

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The Eastern Theatre Command of the People\'s Liberation Army (PLA) released photo of exercises involving missile strikes, warplanes, and ship movements crossing the midline of the Taiwan Strait

Last week was a busy one for naval traffic in the Taiwan Strait, as the U.S. and Canada sailed warships through as a reminder to China, and the world, that Taiwan’s partners will ensure that the waterway remains freely navigable.

This week, China responded with its own traffic.

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World High: Biden won’t let Zelensky rush
World High: Biden won’t let Zelensky rush | PUPPET REGIME | GZERO Media

Ukraine’s president still wants to join the coolest frat on campus.


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An autoworkers strike in Canada

Thousands of autoworkers from GM, Ford, and Stellantis are on strike in the United States, pushing for higher wages and greater job security. The coordinated strike at plants of the three largest automakers is unprecedented, and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union has warned that it could extend strike action to more plants if the two sides don’t make “serious progress” by Friday.
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