Putin It Out There: Working the refs

Our man in Moscow, Vladimir Putin, is back to the microphone and hosting a new installment of his hit radio show "Putin It Out There." This week—a high school student is on a mission to get even with a volleyball coach. Vlad has a few ideas.


Someone old for president!

Our puppet 2020 contenders find common ground on the key attribute the next U.S. president should have. Here's a hint: It involves moth balls and hard candies.

President Trump's Christmas Party

On a very festive installment of Puppet Regime, President Trump has invited his pals Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to the White House. The eggnog starts flowing, Christmas carols are sung, and MBS tries out some new standup material.

President Trump asks Santa Claus for a favor

President Trump demands a quid pro quo from the North Pole that could put America's way of life in jeopardy.

North Korean beaches

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