WORLD PREMIERE: Putin It Out There

What's troubling you today? A revisionary new talk show hosted by Vladimir Putin offers real solutions to your everyday problems.


Make America Simple Again

The Mueller Report is complicated. But life doesn't have to be. Trump issues 3 orders to Make America Simple Again.

Space Force 2 - Walled In

After crash landing in a strange country, Cap'n Trump and crew need help to get home. #SpaceForce #BorderWall

Shakespeare casts indicative vote on Brexit.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE... in the European Union. Would Shakespeare have been a Brexiteer? #Brexit

Couples Therapy

Let the healing begin. Donald and Nancy try to mend their broken relationship through honesty on the couch.

Trump and Bolsonaro: Shower of Praise

Trump changes Bolsonaro's mind about a very taboo subject.

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Donald Trump, The Greatest American
The greatest American of all time gets lost in space, visits Moscow, and hawks beachfront property in North Korea.
Kim Jong-Un, The Supremest Leader
North Korea’s finely coiffed despot launches his musical and boxing careers, presses Trump’s buttons, and busts out his surfboard for good measure.
Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO of Darkness
Facebook’s founder not so accidently helps out the world’s worst autocrats, plays cupid, and profits off of people’s worst impulses!
Vladimir Putin, President of All The Russias
The world’s meddler-in-chief hits the streets of NY to explore democracy, buys Facebook ads, and visits a shrink with Donald Trump.