President Trump's Valentine's Day gift for Melania

It's Valentine's Day at the White House! Donald Trump calls his friends MBS, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un to help him decide on a gift for his wife, Melania. With this group, the ideas and conversation are sure to bring an interesting resolution.


The Dictator Awards

It's award season on PUPPET REGIME! Find out who wins this year's Dictator Awards!

Jeff Bezos hacked by Mohammad bin Salman & friends

Jeff Bezos was hacked by Mohammad bin Salman & friends. Bet you didn't know his friends were Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. We have the footage.

Reminder: Be careful of the WhatsApp files you open from Mohammad bin Salman. And MbS, be careful who you hack.

Putin on the Caucuses

What do Chechnya, Georgia, and Iowa have in common? The President of Russia has an answer.

Boris Johnson's Brexit poetry

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is undoubtedly a character worthy of PUPPET REGIME. To celebrate Brexit Day, he continues his poetry recitals with ... the lyrics to ... Mambo Number 5

Boris Johnson recites his favorite poem about Brexit

Today is going to be the day, friends. At times of great trial and tribulation, we know that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recites the poetry that is closest to his heart. The Iliad, for example. But as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union today, here are the verses that came to the Prime Minister's mind...

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