The ad Facebook will never run

Mark Zuckerberg launches a new algorithm to weed out politically divisive content, but there's one message he didn't expect.

The gender gap revealed!!

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel convenes a world leader Zoom on gender inequality, the accusations fly fast and furious.


Viral kids, empty nest: one family's story

We all want the best for our kids, but sometimes they grow up too fast and get way out of control.

Damn variants.

Watch more of GZERO Media's PUPPET REGIME.

Putin’ the kids first!

A five year old calls in to speak to the Russian president and learns a lesson he won't forget.

Watch more of GZERO Media's PUPPET REGIME.

The drug deal of the century

When the EU can't get the fix it needs, Angela Merkel turns to desperate measures.

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Is the press being fair to Joe Biden?

After four years of over the top mayhem, even the little things seem like staggering achievements.

The new Santa Claus

President Trump may not have won reelection, but he's now claiming he's been named to an even bigger role. He may know if you've been naughty or nice, but is he really Santa? You'd better look twice.

Bolsonaro sings a "canção de amor" to Trump

On the eve of the U.S. presidential election, Bolsonaro sends a song of support and love to his idol, Donald Trump.

Nas vésperas da eleição presidencial nos EUA, Bolsonaro manda uma canção de apoio e amor para seu ídolo, Donald Trump.

Putin speaks at the RNC

Breaking news: Vladimir Putin addresses the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Modi & Trump in Bollywood (as Delhi burns)

Bollywood is calling! US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi share an affinity for divisive politics, strongman styling, and club-friendly hooks. Here is their latest single, Aaja Aaja, which you'll love to hate.

Rap battle: Zuckerberg vs COVID-19

Let the rap battle begin! Who's worse for humanity: Mark Zuckerberg or The Coronavirus?

Story time with John Bolton

Trump wants to censor John Bolton's tell-all, but the old walrus-whiskered warmonger has found a big audience for his banned book anyway: at a local pre-school. It's Story Time with John Bolton!

MBS on the MIC

The Crown Prince's comedy comeback. Tip your waitress -- she can drive now!

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Joe Biden, Malarker-in-Chief
Unity! Come on Man! God love ya, it won’t be easy for Smokin’ Joe.
Vladimir Putin, Meddler-in-Chief
America’s most persistent troll also loves to dish ruthless advice on his own AMA public access show.
Donald Trump, Surreality Show Producer
The Donald may be out of office, but he’s not out of tricks.
Kim Jong-Un, The Supremest Leader
This finely-coiffed, short-tempered despot has his weaknesses: for surf rock, edibles, and Cardi B.
Mohammed bin Salman, The Crown Prince of Darkness
Just a regular guy who likes to tell jokes, make roasts, and order hits.
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
Aspiring nationalist strongman but also…. heartthrob Bollywood crooner!
Mark Zuckerberg, Master of Disaster
His algorithms love your worst impulses almost as much as his wallet does.
The world’s pundit-in-chief asks the tough questions and often pays the price