It's Thanksgiving, Gather Around The Table

It’s a Turkey Day Feast. President Trump, Putin, Merkel, Kim and more holiday guests have gathered around the table. Find out what everyone has brought to the Thanksgiving celebration.

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Where Is The Line?

Finding fall guys is part of the MBS routine. See the Crown Prince’s entire comeback set, live from the Comedy Basement. It's a new Puppet Regime with a two drink minimum.

Putin On The Midterms

Renowned US Elections expert Vladimir Putin hits the streets to explore the state of American democracy.


Technology is changing the pace of politics. Can President Trump keep up? Find out in the latest Puppet Regime.

Hard Numbers

It’s the new Puppet Regime game show! The numbers are hard but playing is easy. See if you can outdo the triple threat of Putin, Merkel and Trump!


The World Series is in full swing and President Trump is determined to Make America’s Pastime Great Again. Are you ready to play ball!

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Geopolitics really is just a bunch of four-letter words these days, isn't it?

Our World Leaders

Donald Trump, The Greatest American
The greatest American of all time gets lost in space, visits Moscow, and hawks beachfront property in North Korea.
Kim Jong-Un, The Supremest Leader
North Korea’s finely coiffed despot launches his musical and boxing careers, presses Trump’s buttons, and busts out his surfboard for good measure.
Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO of Darkness
Facebook’s founder not so accidently helps out the world’s worst autocrats, plays cupid, and profits off of people’s worst impulses!
Vladimir Putin, President of All The Russias
The world’s meddler-in-chief hits the streets of NY to explore democracy, buys Facebook ads, and visits a shrink with Donald Trump.