How to Make Trump Love You: Kim Jong Un's Tips for Ayatollah Khamenei

At the Rogue Autocrat Convention, Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei wants to know: how to make Donald Trump love him? Kim Jong Un has an answer (and no, it's not enough to be a primo autocrat). Crazy cult of personality? Check. Crush dissent and kill many? Check and check. Complain about US troops? What's the secret, inquiring minds want to know!


WATCH: Can They Say It?

It's the latest PUPPET REGIME game show! Watch Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Elizabeth Warren compete to see whose statements are blessed by the Facebook advertising algorithm.

Watch: Coronavirus dating is really hard

Looking for love in the time of coronavirus? Online dating during a pandemic is hard for everyone, as our puppets know.

Watch our video and answer for yourself: would you swipe right or left?


Trump's decision to cut funding for the World Health Organization started with a single confusing phone call.

Quarantine Diaries: Uncle Vladimir's Autocratic Advice

Vladimir Putin, forever President of Russia, has advice for kids: on how to survive a pandemic, spread disillusionment and instability, wash your hands of things, and discredit truth.

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