The Smackdown: Shakespeare vs North Korea

Who throws the most devastating verbal darts? The Bard of Avon faces off against The Poet of Pyongyang – but with two wordsmiths this talented, can you even tell the difference? Test your knowledge of the can(n)on.


It's An Insult!

Donald Trump hates not being number one – see what happens when he discovers that he ranks a lowly FIFTH in Eurasia Group's Top Risks this year. Very Unfair!

Trump Vs China: Street Style

NY legalization of nunchucks upends Trump's "easy" trade war!!

Christmas Special: Trump vs the Butcher of the Arctic

Forget North Korea, China, and Iran -- this holiday season, Trump takes on the great Northern threat to US security and jobs.

Commander-in-Tweet: Trump Visits the Troops

After holding out for two years, President Trump has finally visited US troops in the field. With Oscar-caliber flair, he sets the record straight on Vietnam and World War Two. Both were disasters.
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