It's Crazy Donnie!

President Trump pays homage to a 1980s New York legend to explain his trade policy.


Trump Sings All of the Insults

Forget debates on policy, this president has a political superpower the likes of which we have never seen. And the media just sings right along…

Welcome to Theresa May’s farewell party.

As Theresa May prepares to leave 10 Downing Street some old friends come by to see her off.

Anti Trust: Zuckerberg Gets Grilled

Facebook and other tech giants are in Washington testifying before an antitrust panel today.

A Few Disagreements

There were a few disagreements at this year's G20

Cat in Tree: Vladimir Putin helps solve an invasion in Georgia

A cat stuck in a tree led to an international incident on Vladimir Putin's REAL call-in show today.

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