Bernie & Liz: How to Split a Slice of Pie

How will Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders figure out how to split a slice of pie? Is Mike Bloomberg buying? While they argue, will someone come along to steal their pie?


Angela Merkel gets Trumpsplained

Angela Merkel, the first female chancellor of Germany, joins us to mark International Women's Month.

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Modi & Trump in Bollywood (as Delhi burns)

Bollywood is calling! US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi share an affinity for divisive politics, strongman styling, and club-friendly hooks. Here is their latest single, Aaja Aaja, which you'll love to hate.

President Trump's Valentine's Day gift for Melania

It's Valentine's Day at the White House! Donald Trump calls his friends MBS, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un to help him decide on a gift for his wife, Melania. With this group, the ideas and conversation are sure to bring an interesting resolution.

The Dictator Awards

It's award season on PUPPET REGIME! Find out who wins this year's Dictator Awards!

Jeff Bezos hacked by Mohammad bin Salman & friends

Jeff Bezos was hacked by Mohammad bin Salman & friends. Bet you didn't know his friends were Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. We have the footage.

Reminder: Be careful of the WhatsApp files you open from Mohammad bin Salman. And MbS, be careful who you hack.

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