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The great Belarus deal

Trump is willing to give up Wisconsin for Belarus' democracy? When multilateralism hits the Zoom calls, we can't really tell what's real and what's not. #PUPPETREGIME

The super social new kid at school

Guess who the new student is this year! Will the Coronavirus end up closing down classes before the school year even begins? #PUPPETREGIME

Putin speaks at the RNC

Breaking news: Vladimir Putin addresses the 2020 Republican National Convention. #PUPPETREGIME

Election Injection

Putin's meddling in American elections has taken a creative turn. He now has a plan to help vaccinate Trump against a loss in November! #PUPPETREGIME

Viral Road Trip Song: Trump & COVID Travel the US

Donald J. Trump and CorOnaVirus decide to hit the road together across the USA. Will DJT and COV discover they are more alike than different? Will their interests diverge? #PUPPETREGIME

The Coronavirus Kings

Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and Vladimir Putin gather via Zoom for a meeting of the Pandemic Presidents. But who's the top Corona King of them all? #PUPPETREGIME

PUPPET REGIME Rap Battle: Zuckerberg vs COVID-19

Let the rap battle begin! Who's worse for humanity: Mark Zuckerberg or The Coronavirus?

Second Wave

With states around the US rushing to reopen, the surf is up for that Second Wave.

Story Time with John Bolton

Trump wants to censor John Bolton's tell-all, but the old walrus-whiskered warmonger has found a big audience for his banned book anyway: at a local pre-school. It's Story Time with John Bolton!

I Take Responsibility: World Leaders Edition

Perhaps you've seen some of the celebrity "I Take Responsibility" videos that have gone viral recently. Well, now some of our world leaders, including Trump, MBS, Putin and Bolsonaro, have jumped in on the act too, with their own twist.

I Take Responsibility PSA: Donald Trump Edition

Wait, did those celebrity videos "taking responsibility" for racism inspire Trump himself to "take responsibility"? Is this some kind of ALT reality? Or is it just an epic troll job from a president who has famously proclaimed, "I don't take responsibility at all" for the consequences of his government's actions (or lack thereof).

Watch: Coronavirus dating is really hard

Looking for love in the time of coronavirus? Online dating during a pandemic is hard for everyone.

Modi & Trump in Bollywood (as Delhi burns)

Bollywood is calling! US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi share an affinity for divisive politics, strongman styling, and club-friendly hooks. Here is their latest single, Aaja Aaja, which you'll love to hate.

President Trump's Valentine's Day gift for Melania

It's Valentine's Day at the White House! Donald Trump calls his friends MBS, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un to help him decide on a gift for his wife, Melania. With this group, the ideas and conversation are sure to bring an interesting resolution.

The Dictator Awards

It's award season on PUPPET REGIME! Find out who wins this year's Dictator Awards!

Someone old for president!

Our puppet 2020 contenders find common ground on the key attribute the next U.S. president should have. Here's a hint: It involves moth balls and hard candies.

North Korean beaches

Kim Jong Un has a groovy plan to make waves. Sun's out, guns out! Literally.

Donald Trump's Very Special Friendsgiving

You're invited to Donald Trump's very special Friendsgiving celebration with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Mohammad bin Salman.

Time to Jump Ship?

After that #SondlandTestimony no doubt many in the White House are feeling the heat. But, to put it metaphorically, are any of the four-legged critters closer to jumping ship? We head to 1600 Pennsylvania to find out.

President Trump's perfect calls

GZERO has obtained exclusive videos of some of President Trump's "perfect" phone calls.


World leaders visit The Vatican to confess their sins, but there's a surprise "listener" on the other side of the screen.

Pardon Me

President Trump's decision to give Turkish President Erdogan a free pass was remarkable. But it's not the only Turkey he's pardoning this autumn...

Elizabeth Warren's Halloween Party

Welcome to Elizabeth Warren's Halloween party!

Crazy Donnie: These Policies are Insane!

President Trump pays homage to a 1980s New York legend to explain his trade policy.

Right To Bear Nunchucks!

Just in time for the holidays, US Judge lifts New York's ban on the Ninja Turtles' favorite personal accessory. President Trump hits the streets and gets a close look at the public reaction. Cowabunga!

Space Force: The Music Video!

Heed The Call & Join Puppet Regime on This Intergalactic Trip!SHOW MORE

Trump’s Wheels & Walls.

Trump is ready for some risky business. Politicians are turning to social media to show off a lighter side of their personalities including displaying their hidden talents.


National Security Adviser John Bolton gets the call on Venezuela policy, literally...

The Envelope Please!

Donald Trump stars in Roma. Vladimir Putin leads in Blackkklansman. Who will win the 2019 Worst Picture Award?

Feeling The Wrath

Space Force's Captain Trump is feeling the wrath right now.

🍏and 🍊

Trump to Make Apples Great Again

Trump & Kim & The Red Buttons

Trump and The Supreme Leader sit down at the table. Now let's just hope they don't push each other's buttons.

Grande Force de l'Espace

French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to take a new approach to boost enrollment in the Grande Force de l'Espace.

Impeachment Insomnia

Trump experiences a bout of "impeachment insomnia."

Space Force 3: VIVE L'ESPACE

Angela Merkel Has a Not So "Bon Voyage" Aboard Emmanuel Macron's Space Shuttle.

Elizabeth Warren's Halloween Party

Welcome to Elizabeth Warren's Halloween party!

It's Crazy Donnie!

President Trump does trade policy like a true New Yorker.

Trump Sings All of the Insults

Forget debates on policy, this president has a political superpower the likes of which we have never seen. And the media just sings right along…

Welcome to Theresa May’s farewell party.

As Theresa May prepares to leave 10 Downing Street some old friends come by to see her off.

Anti Trust: Zuckerberg Gets Grilled

Facebook and other tech giants are in Washington testifying before an antitrust panel today.

A Few Disagreements

There were a few disagreements at this year's G20

WORLD PREMIERE: Putin It Out There

What's troubling you today? A revisionary new talk show hosted by Vladimir Putin offers real solutions to your everyday problems.

Make America Simple Again

The Mueller Report is complicated. But life doesn't have to be. Trump issues 3 orders to Make America Simple Again.

Space Force 2 - Walled In

After crash landing in a strange country, Cap'n Trump and crew need help to get home. #SpaceForce #BorderWall

Couples Therapy

Let the healing begin. Donald and Nancy try to mend their broken relationship through honesty on the couch.

Trump and Bolsonaro: Shower of Praise

Trump changes Bolsonaro's mind about a very taboo subject.

Kondo vs Trump. Make Cleaning Great Again!

Only one person can tidy up the White House.

Trump and Kim get a room in Hanoi.

BREAKING: Trump and Kim meet alone, listen to Pink Floyd, ponder universe.


National security adviser John Bolton gets the call on #Venezuela policy, literally...

Risky Business: AOC vs Trump

AOC made waves with her dancing vid -- but Trump ups the ante.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.

With thoughts of Russia, Bob Mueller, Collusion dancing around his head, it's no wonder President Trump is having troubles falling asleep. What to do? Count sheep, a lullaby, Xanax?

EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Warren Gets A Trump Makeover

Trump's Lessons in Likability

State of the Union showdown

Exclusive video of President Trump's plans for his big speech.

A Big Beautiful Border Wall

Exclusive: Trump & Pelosi Strike Deal to Build the Wall!

Trump's ABCs

A special singalong with the President. Coz he loves the kids.

The Smackdown: Shakespeare or North Korea

Who throws the most devastating verbal darts? The Bard of Avon faces off against The Poet of Pyongyang – but with two wordsmiths this talented, can you even tell the difference? Test your knowledge of the can(n)on.

It's An Insult!

Donald Trump hates not being number one – see what happens when he discovers that he ranks a lowly FIFTH in Eurasia Group's Top Risks this year. Very Unfair!

Trump Vs China: Street Style

NY legalization of nunchucks upends Trump's "easy" trade war!

Christmas Special: Trump vs the Butcher of the Arctic

Forget North Korea, China, and Iran – this holiday season, Trump takes on the great Northern threat to US security and jobs.

Commander-in-Tweet: Trump Visits the Troops

"I'd have done the Christmas bombing by Thanksgiving" – Trump visits troops, sets the record straight on WW2 & Vietnam.

MBS on the MIC

The Crown Prince's comedy comeback. Tip your waitress -- she can drive now!

Putin On The Midterms

Renowned electons expert Vladimir Putin hits the streets of NYC to explore the state of American democracy.

Trump’s First Time Caller

Technical difficulties complicate a big win on trade policy.

The Natural: Trump Takes the Field

Trump reshapes the national pastime in his image, and takes the field against his own worst enemy.

Space Force: The Greatest Frontier

Captain Trump and crew encounter a terrible problem on the maiden voyage of Space Force. SPACE FORCE!


What were the Russians really after in the 2016 presidential election?