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Trump’s Gag Order EXPLAINED

After being fined and warned, defendant Donald Trump learns what he can and cannot say. #PUPPETREGIME

Putin does your taxes

Tired of the government taking your hard-earned money? Worried about that April 15th deadline? Relax, the President of Russia's new accounting firm has you covered. #PUPPETREGIME

Totally eclipsed by Trump

The golden sneakers are sold out, and the Easter bibles flew like hotcakes -- but as the solar eclipse approaches, Donald Trump has an exclusive new offer that you do NOT want to miss. #PUPPETREGIME

BREAKING: Putin delivers his victory speech after a nail-biting election

After a nail-biter of an election, Vladimir Putin delivers his victory speech. #PUPPETREGIME

Putin's favorite book

On this edition of "Leaders R Readers" - Vladimir, Joe, and the Donald turn to self-improvement books for help. #PUPPETREGIME

Zelensky agrees with GOP on border crisis

The Ukrainian president and the GOP have the same view, in a way. #PUPPETREGIME

Putin on plagiarism

Russia's president is sick and tired of people copying his work without attribution. #PUPPETREGIME

Putin and Zelensky at the Forgotten Wars Bar

With all eyes on Gaza these days, Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky are now drinking at the place Where Everybody Forgets Your Name™. #PUPPETREGIME

North Pole Elves on strike!

When Santa's elves go on strike for better working conditions, St Nick unwraps an awful truth bomb for them. #PUPPETREGIME

Putin, MBS, and Kim Jong-Un review this winter's films

The three dictators give thumbs up or down to the holiday season's biggest blockbusters! #PUPPETREGIME

What Mohammed bin Salman wants for Christmas

What do you get for the millennial autocrat who has... everything? #PUPPETREGIME

Kids, it's time to party with.. Jair Bolsonaro!!

The former Brazilian president now sells Bolsonaro-themed birthday party packs -- in real life! But what happens when Puppet Regime invites him to host an ACTUAL party?

Vladimir Putin travels time, everything is fine!

The Russian president visits history's greatest disasters to explain why they weren't actually disasters at all -- everything was going according to plan! #PUPPETREGIME

World High: Biden won’t let Zelensky rush

Ukraine’s president still wants to join the coolest frat on campus. #PUPPETREGIME

Kim Jon Un: Swiftie

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Kim Jong Un extracts big concessions from Putin in closed-door meeting. #PUPPETREGIME

Actors strike: Putin and Kim cross the picket line

With actors still on strike, Hollywood studios are desperate for talent: Kim Jong Un is heeding the call. #PUPPETREGIME

Who the hell was that world leader?

A new game show gives current world leaders' clues to see if they can recognize former world leaders. In this episode, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden face off, but someone else seems to be the elephant in the room...

Bolsonaro banned from flying too!

The Brazilian president gets some bad news at the airport, and can't understand why.

Vladimir Putin, film critic

This summer the only thing hotter than the melting planet has been the BOX OFFICES. Hear what esteemed film critics Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-un thought of the season’s blockbusters.

MBS: A Barbie girl living in a Saudi world

A movie about building a dream world to explore fourth-wave feminism? MBS will be first in line for tickets

Putin’s moment of truth has come

After many months, Putin has an important decision to make. We can all relate.

Putin' it Out there: HR troubles

In this episode of Vladimir Putin’s public access AMA, the Russian president deals with a disgruntled employee.

Putin's New Show: Everything is Going According to Plan!

Russia's president travels time to explain why various historic disasters weren't actually disasters at all. Explosion of the Hindenburg? Crucifixion of Jesus? Fyre Festival? Everything was going according to plan!

What's Vladimir Putin reading these days?

Forget Goodreads. The president of Russia and other world leaders give us their summer reading recommendations. #PUPPETREGIME

More unmanned attacks on the Kremlin?

In the latest episode of his public-access AMA show Putin' it Out There, Russia's president gets swarmed. #PUPPETREGIME

Joe Biden's training regimen

An aging fighter returns to the ring one last time to defend his title. But does he still have what it takes?

PUPPET REGIME: the Really Bad People song

With everyone focusing on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, bad people in other parts of the world are having a moment. MBS, Modi, Bolsonaro, and others are here to explain, through - what else - song.

Surprise party for Putin

Volodymyr Zelensky has something special for the Russian president, even if it’s no secret. #PUPPETREGIME

Vladimir Putin sings one for his "friends" (90s video mix)

The Russian president isn't as isolated as you might think these days -- but with friends like these....

Putin's pep talk for Trump

It isn’t all bad for Trump is it? Putin helps him look on the bright side.

Kim Jong Un drunk dialing

The North Korean supreme leader is suffering a very dark mid-life crisis — who’s the one person who will take his calls for help?

Prime ways to evade sanctions

Iran's Supreme Leader has figured out a great way to get around sanctions, until he realizes someone has been stealing his packages...

ChatGPT vs Puppet Regime

Us: There's no way a ChatBot can write a better puppet skit than a human being, right? ChatGPT: Code my beer...#PUPPETREGIME!

Joe Biden’s classified docs

Where did all these classified documents come from? Watch more PUPPET REGIME!

No Davos invite ... but Putin isn't mad

Putin swears he isn't upset about being banned from Davos, but...

Putin and the rat

Someone who knew Putin as a child drops by to spill the beans. Watch more PUPPET REGIME!

New Year, New Me!

What do Vladimir Putin, MBS, Joe Biden and others want out of 2023? Don’t ask. Watch more PUPPET REGIME!

Zelensky v. Santa Claus

The Ukrainian President swears he's been on the good list -- but can Santa really give him what he wants? Watch more PUPPET REGIME!

New boss at the North Pole

Big changes at Santa’s workshop, and not everyone’s happy about it.

The price of a Thanksgiving pardon

US President Joe Biden learns that pardoning turkeys in this economy ain’t easy. Watch more PUPPET REGIME!

Rishi Sunak doesn’t want to hear it

With friends like these, the new UK Prime Minister hardly needs enemies. Watch more PUPPET REGIME!

Putin' It Out There: dealing with dissent

Jim from Queens, NYC has an employee who just won't get with the program. On this episode of the AMA talk show "Putin’ It Out There," Russia’s president has some harsh advice. Watch more PUPPET REGIME!

Putin's intervention

Russia and the United States have something in common after all……an invasion habit. Watch more PUPPET REGIME!

What Putin loves about fall

As the leaves change colors and the world slips towards nuclear war, the super-senior class at World High have written their poetic odes to autumn. Watch more PUPPET REGIME!

A PUPPET REGIME job opening: Queen Consort

With Camilla's popularity flagging, other world leaders make the case for why they should have her job.

World High

At a time when global leaders act like adolescents anyway, Puppet Regime brings you: World High, a new show that sends our presidents and prime ministers back to where they belong... High School!

Boris Johnson's new job?

The ousted PM has mouths to feed. But after his exit in disgrace from Downing Street, what’s his next gig going to be?

Zelensky wants your attention back

President Zelensky hits the streets of New York to find out why Americans' focus on Ukraine is waning, and what he can do about it.

Coronavirus vs monkeypox

The reigning pandemic champs aren't happy about this upstart challenger -- but maybe there's a deal to be made?

Vladimir Putin, lifeguard (?!)

With the US suffering a massive lifeguard shortage this summer, America's beaches and pools will take just about anyone for the job now.

Zelensky and Boris Johnson hit the beach

Volodymyr Zelensky just wanted to thank Boris Johnson for all his help, but it turns out you really can't take the (lame duck) British PM anywhere these days.

Putin signs up for MBS' Masterclass

How do you launch a destructive war, violate human rights, and still manage to be friends with the "West"? One man knows, and Russia's president wants answers.

MBS wants to know: Where is the line?

Mohammed Bin Salman killin' it at the comedy game. Is that the only thing he slays?

COVID zeroes in on Xi Jinping

The Chinese president thinks his zero-COVID policy can stamp out the disease entirely until a rude awakening changes everything.

Sleepy Joe captured on camera!

Is it a Robin or a Robinette? Filmmakers have tracked down the elusive Biden in its natural habitat. What can we learn about the elusive Biden's behavior?

Biden's big rebrand

The US president's poll numbers sure are looking grim, but he's got a foolproof plan to refresh his brand and reconnect with voters ahead of the mid-terms. Right? Right?

Zuckerberg practices free speech on Elon Musk

Elon Musk is getting all the tech bro attention these days, and Mark Zuckerberg can NOT stand it.

Modi lays low

India's PM is trying to avoid siding too closely with anyone these days, but Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and Boris Johnson won't leave him alone.

Zelensky visits the Big Apple

Everyone knows Americans love apple pie and culture wars, but these days they also seem to really love Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky recently hit the streets of New York to find out why.

What's Putin got left?

After a parade of Western companies leaves Russia, Putin has trouble even making a list of his enemies. But there's one person who can help -- at a cost.

More oil? MBS & the moral dilemma

With energy prices soaring, Boris Johnson and Joe Biden are turning to some dodgy friends for help.

Biden’s quid pro quo with Zelensky

Joe Biden wants some pointers from the Ukrainian president, but will Zelensky get anything in return?

Ukraine edition: Kim Jong Un will not be ignored!!

As the Russian war on Ukraine intensifies, North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is launching his own warning shots ... for attention.

The end of the affair (COVID edition)

Experts say that the omicron wave may be what ends the acute phase of the pandemic. But one couple isn't ready to let go just yet.

Putin's President's Day advice

Presidents Biden, Macron, and Bolsonaro are tempted by a new way to improve their approval ratings.

Putin, love, obsession: Valentine's Day advice from PUPPET REGIME

Maybe - just maybe - you shouldn't take love advice from Vladimir Putin. Or Boris Johnson. Or Emmanuel Macron. Or Xi Jinping. Or Joe Biden.

Slim Jong Un: New look, same explosive appeal

Putin and Xi want to talk about Pyongyang's nuclear program, but Kim Jong Un has a svelter subject in mind.

Merkin' it with Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is retired — but only from politics. Still, maybe she's not as good at other jobs as she was as German chancellor.

Angela Merkel off the grid

Merkel, interrupted.

Putin It Out There: Leverage 101

Russia's president has an education playbook. It involves annexation and natural gas.

Is democracy a charade?

After a long day at the Autocracy Summit, Putin and pals unwind with a parlor game — but guess who shows up to ruin the laughs?

A Kremlin Christmas

With Europe facing an energy crisis, all the good boys and girls want one thing -- but poor Santa Claus has to kiss the ring to get it.

Xi's Xmas surprise

As world leaders gather for a secret Santa exchange, China’s president comes away with the best gift of all.

Biden's turkey fail

The US President is just trying to keep tradition, but he's a little out of touch.

Who's the real President Joe?

Joe Biden can't seem to do anything these days without the approval of one very specific person.

Biden's paid leave problem

America sure is back -- but not quite in the way Joe thinks.

Joe Biden's impossible Halloween costume

The US President is stumped on what to dress up as. World leaders including Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and Jair Bolsonaro weigh in.

Zuckerberg is sorry/not sorry

The Facebook CEO deals with an avalanche of negative publicity the only way he knows how.

COVID family reputation on the brink

You thought your parents were tough. The COVIDs have global aspirations.

Joe Biden at breakfast

Someone very, very important hasn't been seen much recently. Why?

Boris Johnson's AUKward phone call

Boris Johnson is a glutton for punishment, but Emmanuel Macron won't give it to him.

Angela Merkel's farewell song - Kraftwerk mix

The most powerful woman in the world is stepping down from the Chancellorship -- and stepping up to the mic. #PUPPETREGIME

Zuckerberg's metaverse trap

World leaders aren't any better at cooperating in that universe than they are in this one.

The delta skelter song

Joe Biden really thought things were looking rosy, until an unwanted variant showed up.

Trump’s comeback tour

Donald Trump may have lost the 2020 election, but his greatest hits still draw a big crowd.

The real star of the Tokyo Olympics

An exclusive interview with the most feverishly awaited competitor at the 2020 Summer Games.

Putin has a solution for US democracy

Are you tired of elections that are confusing, meddled with, or disputed? Renowned US democracy expert Vladimir Putin knows there is a better way!

Biden the whisperer of things

Has the US president finally cracked the code for getting what he wants from ... everyone?

Jeff Bezos has a solution for work-life balance

In the wake of the pandemic, we're all trying to figure out what work-life balance even means anymore. Here's what a few of the most powerful people in the world have to say about it.

Putin’ on a show for Biden

Joe Biden says he wants a stable and predictable relationship with Vladimir Putin. Will the wily Russian president really give him what he wants?

Nine hours of Joe Biden asleep

Who needs a digital fireplace when you have a sleepy Joe? Learn more about the elusive Biden: Sleepy Joe captured on camera!

Authoritarian Airlines

Co-captains Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin have an important pre-flight safety announcement.

Joe Biden's trillion dollar tune

Joe Biden wants to spend more money than any US president in history. Why? And where's the money gonna come from? Trillion dollar Joe grabs the mic to explain....

Brazil's own Godzilla vs Kong

Brazil's economy is a shambles. COVID is still raging. The Amazon is aflame. But despite all that, president Jair Bolsonaro fears only one thing: the coming clash with an old nemesis that'll make King Kong vs Godzilla look like child's play by comparison.

Joe Biden the Candyman

The US president changes his tune about giving vaccines to the rest of the world, and gets a desperate call from Narendra Modi.

Biden & Khamenei's nuclear song and dance

The US and Iran both seem interested in reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, but there's one simple problem they just can't get past. See the whole song and dance on PUPPET REGIME.

Kim Jong-un will not be ignored!!

Guess who's ghosting the Supreme Leader of North Korea now?

PUPPET REGIME: The fairytale kingdom

Once upon a time there was a kingdom of squabbling princes... Angela Merkel is sick und tired of that kingdom.

The ad Facebook will never run

Mark Zuckerberg launches a new algorithm to weed out politically divisive content, but there's one message he didn't expect.

The gender gap revealed!!

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel convenes a world leader Zoom on gender inequality, the accusations fly fast and furious.