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Someone old for president!

Our puppet 2020 contenders find common ground on the key attribute the next U.S. president should have. Here's a hint: It involves moth balls and hard candies.

Time to Jump Ship?

After that #SondlandTestimony no doubt many in the White House are feeling the heat. But, to put it metaphorically, are any of the four-legged critters closer to jumping ship? We head to 1600 Pennsylvania to find out.


World leaders visit The Vatican to confess their sins, but there's a surprise "listener" on the other side of the screen.

Pardon Me

President Trump's decision to give Turkish President Erdogan a free pass was remarkable. But it's not the only Turkey he's pardoning this autumn...

Right To Bear Nunchucks!

Just in time for the holidays, US Judge lifts New York's ban on the Ninja Turtles' favorite personal accessory. President Trump hits the streets and gets a close look at the public reaction. Cowabunga!

Trump’s Wheels & Walls.

Trump is ready for some risky business. Politicians are turning to social media to show off a lighter side of their personalities including displaying their hidden talents.

Couples Therapy

Let the healing begin. Donald and Nancy try to mend their broken relationship through honesty on the couch.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.

With thoughts of Russia, Bob Mueller, Collusion dancing around his head, it's no wonder President Trump is having troubles falling asleep. What to do? Count sheep, a lullaby, Xanax?

The Smackdown: Shakespeare or North Korea

Who throws the most devastating verbal darts? The Bard of Avon faces off against The Poet of Pyongyang – but with two wordsmiths this talented, can you even tell the difference? Test your knowledge of the can(n)on.

It's An Insult!

Donald Trump hates not being number one – see what happens when he discovers that he ranks a lowly FIFTH in Eurasia Group's Top Risks this year. Very Unfair!


What were the Russians really after in the 2016 presidential election?


Geopolitics really is just a bunch of four-letter words these days, isn't it?