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In-person and virtual events convene heads of state, business leaders, technology experts from around the world for critical debate about the geopolitical and technology trends shaping our world.

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Explore GZERO’s past virtual conversations, featuring global experts on the world's urgent issues.

Can data and AI save lives and make the world safer?

There’s been much focus on the perils and threats posed by these scientific developments, but how can they be proactively harnessed to mitigate climate challenges and create a more resilient world?

Hearing the Christchurch Call

Hearing the Christchurch Call

What did tech companies learn from the Christchurch experience about their own roles in moderating content, overseeing algorithms and mitigating potential radicalization and violence?

What Ukraine's digital revolution teaches the world

What Ukraine's digital revolution teaches the world

The threat of the Russian bear has been putting its neighbors on edge for years, and while plenty has been spent on beefing up their militaries, there’s now a whole other line of defense: digitization. Kyiv has harnessed its digital technology to provide government services to a whopping 19 million Ukrainians, despite daily bombings and devastation.

Is there a path ahead for peace in Ukraine?

Is there a path ahead for peace in Ukraine?

As we approach the grim first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – which came on the heels of last year’s Munich Security Conference – GZERO is back in Germany, discussing the past year since the war began, what’s likely to come next, and what it means for the world.

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