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Since ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot, burst onto the scene late last year, AI seems to be everywhere – so much so that it’s become an integral part of our conversations, business dealings, academics, campaign ads, and everything in between.

While being faced with constant reminders of AI’s looming threat or promise, most people still had some catching up to do on what the technology even was — let alone what it could be. And whether you are inspired, afraid, or confused about the future of AI, you probably augmented that train of thought with a trip to Google.

We took a look at Google search history to see how often the most popular AI product, ChatGPT, is crossing humanity’s minds.

Whether artificial intelligence will ultimately be good or bad for humanity is an open debate. But there’s another, more immediate issue that often gets lost in the scrum: Even if AI eventually creates more jobs and opportunities than it destroys, what happens to the actual people who lose their jobs on the way to that happier future? And how might their grievances shape politics in the meantime?

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The emergence of AI has amplified the problem of disinformation that has proliferated since the 2016 US presidential election, and regulation is often touted as a way to address this worsening issue.

But even if governments do find a way to effectively regulate AI – and that’s a big if – that doesn’t address the widespread demand for conspiracy theories that confirm people’s established political and cultural biases.

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In years to come, experts tell us that artificial intelligence will alter societies and change individual lives on a scale greater than changes brought about by the creation of the World Wide Web. In the process, AI will create challenges and risks that deserve careful consideration. But headlines that warn of catastrophe are hiding the revolutionary advances and opportunities that will benefit billions of people.

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AI revolutionaries like OpenAI CEO Sam Altman want government regulation, and they want it now – before things get out of hand.

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