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Will we learn anything new from public impeachment hearings?

No, but like with Mueller, you know, people weren't reading the transcript, but they did actually listen to Mueller when he gave his speech. Now, the question is: Are they going to take anything different away from the public impeachment hearings? And the answer is, yes. They'll take very different things away, if they're watching on Fox or if they're watching on MSNBC. Still deeply divided and still can't imagine senators on the GOP impeaching, slash, convicting President Trump.

Why do journalists keep sources anonymous?

So, anonymity can be granted for a number of reasons. The main one is a risk of retaliation against the person, against their job, against their personal safety. For instance, if you report in a war zone or on a crime victim. It can also be to protect vulnerable people such as children, or if it's just the only way to get the information out.

Is Michael Bloomberg really running for president?

It's a huge week for Democrats, starting Wednesday. They'll take testimony from State Department officials saying that they believe there was a quid pro quo between Trump and Ukraine aid in return for an investigation of Joe Biden. They need to both shape public opinion and try to crack the GOP wall of support for Trump.

Will Disney Plus win the streaming wars?

I would be a fool to say for sure who's going to win the streaming wars but Disney has the inside track because they can tie their streaming offers to the whole Disney ecosystem, like their parks. And Netflix is not going to be able to make theme parks.

What will the EU's future look like after Brexit?

Well first, when Brexit is finalized it's going to take quite some time. Even if they manage to get their act together on the exit of the European Union, it could take them quite some time to actually leave the corporation. That's going to take at least two years and then it's going to take further years in order to sort of sort out their future relationships. I don't think it will impact that much or the integrity of the European Union. And it's going to take a long time to sort out the entire issue.

Why Do Companies Choose To Go Public?

So, companies choose to go public for many reasons. A major one is that they need to raise capital in order to expand their businesses. They also want to raise the profile of their brand and they want to also allow early investors to exit their shares to monetize the shares that they invested in the company early on. Now, in terms of creatively raising their profile, for example, Chewy's in their IPO, had a dog on their podium.

Will Britain's Election Produce A Hung Parliament?

William Hague: Well, as things stand in polls today, there must be a 50 percent chance of that. But the big decision coming up this week is will the Brexit Party fill the full slate of candidates? If it doesn't, the chances of a hung parliament go down and the chances of a conservative majority go up.

Apple TV+ Is Here! What Are We Excited For?

Yeah, I'm excited. What's wrong with new options, new TV shows, new stuff? In fact, in the current issue of Wired, we have a big article about Ron Moore's new show For All Mankind. So, is it going to be a success for Apple? I don't know. Are all the shows going to work? Almost certainly not. But it doesn't do you any harm to have more choices on what to watch and when you're done with this video.

Will Britain's Election Resolve The Brexit Stalemate?

David Miliband: I think that the general election is going to produce a more polarized parliament. The Conservative Party is going to elect a parliamentary party that is more uniformly Brexitier, with less room for people in the middle ground. And obviously on the Remain side, there is going to be a greater commitment, I think, to follow through on a referendum.

How Does the Stock Market Impact My Daily Life?

The stock market is collectively a place where investors can buy and sell shares. Sometimes people think of the stock market as an economic indicator. Now, a majority of Americans, over 55 percent, are invested in the stock market through things like 401(k)'s, IRAs, and also college savings plans.

What Do All The Global Protests Share In Common?

The fact that the world economy is getting softer means that people aren't going to be expecting as much from their governments. And there's an awful lot of sense that governing leaders are not getting it done for them. That across the board, almost every country that you see major demonstrations right now, not only are the popularity of leaders very low, but the average individual is saying, the middle class and the working class, is saying "these people do not represent me." In numbers that are historic in places like Chile and Ecuador and Bolivia and Lebanon and in other countries around the world. Also not seeing many in Asia because the economy's doing better and because the governments tend to be a little bit stronger.

What does Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Death Mean For ISIS?

He was the world's number one most wanted terrorist. The self-declared head of the Islamic State, the caliph, the head of the caliphate that at one time ruled over some 10 million people. His death is an enormous blow to ISIS as he was the spiritual leader and the strategic leader. They will find another leader. ISIS is not going away. But this is a major win for the fight against terrorism and ISIS and a major win for the Trump administration.

What's the Takeaway from Mark Zuckerberg's Testimony on Capitol Hill?

Nobody there likes him. The only compliments he got were from Republicans comparing him to Trump, which Zuckerberg must have been slightly happy about, but maybe not. The other thing I think, I think Facebook is making a mistake having him out there so much, having him gives speeches about free speech. It sets him up as a target and puts him in situations like this where it didn't go very well.

Should China Be Concerned About Slowing Economic Growth?

Communist Party credibility hangs on China being able to sustain growth in and around 6%. And these growth numbers, at least from the state statistical bureau bring us down to 6% in the most recent quarter. So, what China will now be seeking to do is to change its domestic economic policy settings to encourage the private sector back into investing for the future. That's critical, because in the last 18 months they've been sitting on their cash.

Why Is Chile Erupting In Violent Protests?

Well, it's one of the more unusual countries to do so. Usually it's the most stable, certainly wealthiest of the South American countries. And over a tiny hike in subway price. But reality is, a whole bunch of middle and working class, angry that they haven't benefited from the growth in the economy. Kind of like what you're seeing in a lot of wealthy countries around the world. And this is going to make it more challenging to get the kind of reforms done that this leader, President Piñera, actually wants to accomplish.

Are We In The Brexit Endgame?

Lord William Hague: Well, I would say it's the end of the beginning-game. It's the first time the British Parliament has actually seen a way forward, approved a specific form of Brexit. It's the first time we can say there's a deal here, that one way or another is probably going to get through. But even if it does, there's a lot more to come next year on how long is the transition? What's the future free trade agreement?

Is Mick Mulvaney’s Time as White House Chief of Staff Coming to an End?

I think there's a good chance that it is, given his disastrous press conference and then shaky performance on Fox News over the weekend. You got anonymous leaks coming out of the White House of folks who would like to see him gone. The thing is, Trump hates firing people so he could hang around for a little while, but he is on thin ice.

Why Is The Guardian No Longer Using the Words 'Climate Change'?

The Guardian made a pledge in the past week to start covering climate change, or what they now call the "climate crisis," differently. They're changing their vocabulary. They're also changing their photography away from cliché polar bears and towards more of the human impacts of environmental damage. And they're making commitments as a company to zero net emissions.

What technology helped break a 2-hour marathon race time?

If you watched the video of him, you saw that he was within a pace group, a whole bunch of runners in front of him cutting the wind. Some runners behind him, actually improving his wind resistance by having people behind him. There was a green laser showing him exactly what time he had to run. He had really high-tech gels that he took, these Maurten gels. I actually like those a lot, too. But the main thing were the shoes. These are the early prototypes of the shoes or the first version. He's now in the third version. But what's most important is there is a carbon fiber plate. You cannot bend this thing. So, Nike introduced these shoes, I don't know, two years ago. Now, there's a new generation. It's very controversial.

Will Parliament pass a Brexit deal on "super Saturday?"

What will come out of this week's "super Saturday" sitting?

David Miliband: Firstly, please, let's never again use the phrase "super Saturday" to describe a sitting of Parliament. If it's a national emergency for us to meet on a Saturday, it can hardly be super. Now, we do not yet know whether or not Parliament will meet. If it does, it probably means that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has got a deal with the European Union and wants to

Would Boris Johnson Be Favored to Win if a General Election Is Called?

The answer to that depends on whether or not you believe the opinion polls, because the opinion polls are clear that Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party are ahead of a divided opposition between Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The lead ranges from 5 to 15 points. What does seem to be overwhelmingly clear is that the leader of the opposition is immensely unpopular, with an unpopularity rating of about minus 50%.

What Are the EU and UK Positions on the Irish Backstop?

In a sentence, the UK position is that there should be a customs border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. But you manage it remotely, sensitively. The EU and Irish position is you can't have a border at all, a customs border even managed away from the border.

How does the Benn Act prevent a No-Deal Brexit?

The Benn Act is named after Hilary Benn, a backbench Labour Member of Parliament, who rallied a parliamentary majority to defeat the government and insists that if the government has not negotiated a deal with the European Union on the three issues: of Northern Ireland, of citizens' rights, and of financial contributions by the 19th of October, then the prime minister is required to write to the European Union requiring or requesting an extension of the Brexit negotiating process from the 31st of October for three months. So, it ensures, this apparently watertight piece of legislation, that the government cannot lead the UK to crash out of the European Union with no deal at all.

Can Democrats Beat President Trump on Gun Control?

Can Democrats beat President Trump on gun control?

Yes they can. There's widespread public support for things like an assault weapons ban particularly potent for Democrats in suburban areas in swing states like Pennsylvania where support for gun control is even higher.

Should Republicans be worried about Texas in 2020?

They should. I'm skeptical that it goes blue in 2020 but the numbers are moving against Trump. He's almost underwater in terms of popularity there and the changing nature of demographics of the state, the growing urban areas, really trending badly for Republicans. Not sure it happens in 2020.

How to Interview Someone for a Job

If you're interviewing someone for a job, or just considering working with someone new, how do you get them to tell the truth about their weaknesses?

I have three favorite ways to get people to answer the weakness question honestly. The first one is to ask, "What's a piece of constructive criticism that you've gotten recently?" And that way they can tell you not just what they're bad at, but also how they're working to improve.

What Should I Do When the Stock Market Is Volatile?

You know the answer to this. We know the answer, which is don't just do something — stand there, keep invested, keep making your recurring deposits. If this makes you feel any better, there's a study out from Oppenheimer Funds — that I thought was really very interesting — which is if you were invested in the equity markets on any day from the 1920s through to today, and you stayed in for 15 years, so you're a long-term investor, your chances of a positive return over that period of time were 99%.

So if you're in for the long term, this is an opportunity for you.

How likely is violence in Kashmir?

Much more likely now that the Indians have actually change administrative status. They know that. All of the geopolitical risks out there: Turkey going into Syria, Russia cyber-war against the United States, Iran conflict, U.S. - China, that are usually 1-5%. Right now, they're more like 10% 20% and they're getting worse. None of them are likely to happen. But if you look at all of them we're not going to be able to avoid crises for much longer.

How serious is the Capital One hack?

It is both profoundly serious and not that serious. The profoundly serious part: a lot of records, very sensitive records, were breached. Somebody got inside and got credit card applications, which means names, Social Security numbers, you don't want that combination. On the other hand, it doesn't look like she's sold them or did anything bad with them. So it's possible you're sensitive information was breached but not misused.

How often should couples talk about money?

Answer: All the time. All the time. All the time. It's research-backed, by the way. 78% of couples who talk about money at least once a week report being very happy, 60% who talk about it once a month report being very happy, only 50% if you talk about it less. So talking about money equals happiness — don't know where my chicken or egg is there, but it's research-backed. At least sit down once a month, if you're managing money jointly, to really go through it.

Does Boris Johnson strengthen or weaken the U.S.–U.K. relationship?

He strengthens it in so far as he and Trump like each other. They're both oriented towards Brexit. They're kind of right-wing populists that aren't ideologically moored. But will it last? Boris could flip on a dime on any major issue as can Trump. So it's kind of volatile. Plus they both really love the media and when they're in front of each other with other people the potential to - I mean Boris upsets people and Trump easily takes offense. So this could easily go south.

What should you not say to a struggling coworker?

When a coworker is struggling, what should you not say to them? Well the most common, I think, habit is to do what you do in every other situation which is to relate like, "Oh I also love the color blue" but that usually ends up meaning that if you say like, "hey, I have cancer." Then suddenly they're like, "Oh, my aunt had cancer!" Dot dot dot... "And then, she..." You know, you're like stuck in this terrible conversation about outcomes, when really all you meant to do is build the bridge. So usually you really don't have to offer them anything from your own life. Just make a little space and say, "I'm so sorry to hear that."

What kind of candidates is Trump trying to put on the Fed?

Was President Trump's "Salute to America" a campaign rally or an Independence Day celebration?

Well it was a weird hybrid of both. He didn't do a lot of the red meat stuff from his campaign rallies. But clearly he was trying to hijack the Fourth of July for political purposes.

What kind of candidates is Trump trying to put on the Fed?

Well he's looking for rate-hike flip-floppers just like himself. People who said under Obama that rates were way too low, who now rail against the Fed and want to see rate cuts. People like Judy Shelton.

In What Order Should You Pay Off Debt?

I have several loans outstanding. In what order do I pay them off?

OK, so there are a couple of different ways to approach them — both, it's sort of a weird snow analogy. So, make a list of the loans you have outstanding, the balances and the interest rates. Now, the snowball method is you start with the smallest loan you've got, right Deedi? OK, the smallest loan you've got. You pay that off first, then you pay the next in size, the next in size, the next in size. So the snowball sort of builds, if that analogy works for you.

The other is the avalanche method, where you start off with the highest interest rate, you pay that one off first, then the second highest, third highest, fourth highest. Now I happen to be a fan of the avalanche method, because it saves you money, but a lot of people can find the snowball method to be more motivating because you're sort of checking the boxes, you've got the first one paid off. OK?

Will Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Succeed?

Is YouTube tracking children?

YouTube collects data on all of its users. Lots of its users are younger than 13, because they like to look at screens and some of them can't read. But tracking children is a little more nefarious than what they do. They are in trouble though with the FTC for this.

Will Facebook's cryptocurrency be a success?

That is a trillion dollar question because quite literally Facebook wants to replace a huge part of the world financial system. It is off to a decent start. People still don't trust Facebook, so, complicated.