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Can Democrats Beat President Trump on Gun Control?

Can Democrats beat President Trump on gun control?

Yes they can. There's widespread public support for things like an assault weapons ban particularly potent for Democrats in suburban areas in swing states like Pennsylvania where support for gun control is even higher.

Should Republicans be worried about Texas in 2020?

They should. I'm skeptical that it goes blue in 2020 but the numbers are moving against Trump. He's almost underwater in terms of popularity there and the changing nature of demographics of the state, the growing urban areas, really trending badly for Republicans. Not sure it happens in 2020.

How to Interview Someone for a Job

If you're interviewing someone for a job, or just considering working with someone new, how do you get them to tell the truth about their weaknesses?

I have three favorite ways to get people to answer the weakness question honestly. The first one is to ask, "What's a piece of constructive criticism that you've gotten recently?" And that way they can tell you not just what they're bad at, but also how they're working to improve.

What Should I Do When the Stock Market Is Volatile?

You know the answer to this. We know the answer, which is don't just do something — stand there, keep invested, keep making your recurring deposits. If this makes you feel any better, there's a study out from Oppenheimer Funds — that I thought was really very interesting — which is if you were invested in the equity markets on any day from the 1920s through to today, and you stayed in for 15 years, so you're a long-term investor, your chances of a positive return over that period of time were 99%.

So if you're in for the long term, this is an opportunity for you.

How likely is violence in Kashmir?

Much more likely now that the Indians have actually change administrative status. They know that. All of the geopolitical risks out there: Turkey going into Syria, Russia cyber-war against the United States, Iran conflict, U.S. - China, that are usually 1-5%. Right now, they're more like 10% 20% and they're getting worse. None of them are likely to happen. But if you look at all of them we're not going to be able to avoid crises for much longer.

How serious is the Capital One hack?

It is both profoundly serious and not that serious. The profoundly serious part: a lot of records, very sensitive records, were breached. Somebody got inside and got credit card applications, which means names, Social Security numbers, you don't want that combination. On the other hand, it doesn't look like she's sold them or did anything bad with them. So it's possible you're sensitive information was breached but not misused.

How often should couples talk about money?

Answer: All the time. All the time. All the time. It's research-backed, by the way. 78% of couples who talk about money at least once a week report being very happy, 60% who talk about it once a month report being very happy, only 50% if you talk about it less. So talking about money equals happiness — don't know where my chicken or egg is there, but it's research-backed. At least sit down once a month, if you're managing money jointly, to really go through it.

Does Boris Johnson strengthen or weaken the U.S.–U.K. relationship?

He strengthens it in so far as he and Trump like each other. They're both oriented towards Brexit. They're kind of right-wing populists that aren't ideologically moored. But will it last? Boris could flip on a dime on any major issue as can Trump. So it's kind of volatile. Plus they both really love the media and when they're in front of each other with other people the potential to - I mean Boris upsets people and Trump easily takes offense. So this could easily go south.

What should you not say to a struggling coworker?

When a coworker is struggling, what should you not say to them? Well the most common, I think, habit is to do what you do in every other situation which is to relate like, "Oh I also love the color blue" but that usually ends up meaning that if you say like, "hey, I have cancer." Then suddenly they're like, "Oh, my aunt had cancer!" Dot dot dot... "And then, she..." You know, you're like stuck in this terrible conversation about outcomes, when really all you meant to do is build the bridge. So usually you really don't have to offer them anything from your own life. Just make a little space and say, "I'm so sorry to hear that."

What kind of candidates is Trump trying to put on the Fed?

Was President Trump's "Salute to America" a campaign rally or an Independence Day celebration?

Well it was a weird hybrid of both. He didn't do a lot of the red meat stuff from his campaign rallies. But clearly he was trying to hijack the Fourth of July for political purposes.

What kind of candidates is Trump trying to put on the Fed?

Well he's looking for rate-hike flip-floppers just like himself. People who said under Obama that rates were way too low, who now rail against the Fed and want to see rate cuts. People like Judy Shelton.

In What Order Should You Pay Off Debt?

I have several loans outstanding. In what order do I pay them off?

OK, so there are a couple of different ways to approach them — both, it's sort of a weird snow analogy. So, make a list of the loans you have outstanding, the balances and the interest rates. Now, the snowball method is you start with the smallest loan you've got, right Deedi? OK, the smallest loan you've got. You pay that off first, then you pay the next in size, the next in size, the next in size. So the snowball sort of builds, if that analogy works for you.

The other is the avalanche method, where you start off with the highest interest rate, you pay that one off first, then the second highest, third highest, fourth highest. Now I happen to be a fan of the avalanche method, because it saves you money, but a lot of people can find the snowball method to be more motivating because you're sort of checking the boxes, you've got the first one paid off. OK?

Will Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Succeed?

Is YouTube tracking children?

YouTube collects data on all of its users. Lots of its users are younger than 13, because they like to look at screens and some of them can't read. But tracking children is a little more nefarious than what they do. They are in trouble though with the FTC for this.

Will Facebook's cryptocurrency be a success?

That is a trillion dollar question because quite literally Facebook wants to replace a huge part of the world financial system. It is off to a decent start. People still don't trust Facebook, so, complicated.

Is anti-trust action a good way to deal with tech companies?

Is anti-trust action a good way to deal with tech companies?

It is certainly a way to get the attention of tech companies. They fear it massively. But breaking up these companies into different components - way harder than most people think.

Is Apple changing the iPad?

Why yes they're totally changing the operating system of the iPad. They've given it a new name. They are making it more like a computer and less like a big phone or a tweener more like a laptop

Should you trust someone who pitches an idea with confidence?

"It depends on where they sit in the hierarchy. In a rigorous new study, managers actually overestimated the value of their own ideas by 42%, whereas employees underestimated the value of their own ideas by 11%. Managers were overconfident. As they gain power, they privilege their own perspectives."

Why did Greece just call snap elections?

"Well I think probably that Tsipras was forced to go earlier. There was supposed to be elections anyhow in the autumn. But in view of the big losses that they took in the European, the local, and regional elections he said let's shorten the period of agony. Now July the 7th will see an election campaign is always uncertain but it's most likely that there will be a change of government."