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Will the U.S. resume negotiations with the Taliban?

Will the U.S. resume negotiations with the Taliban?
Will U.S. negotiations resume with the Taliban?

Peace talks with the Taliban are dead. Where does that leave Afghanistan?

As like, the most violent, lacking infrastructure and governance and horrible treatment of women, place in the world…except, President Trump really wants to end an 18-year long war. And John Bolton is no longer national security advisor so it's gonna be easier for Trump pull off. I suspect there'll be more negotiations. Something Trump really wants to do before he has his re-election bid is say: "I've ended the war in Afghanistan." Mission accomplished.

Brexit update: Is the U.K. still on track to exit the EU by October 31st?

Well, not really. I mean, parliament actually, through legislation said that Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, has to ask for extension. French President said: "I refuse unless there is some form and change to the status quo." We are as muddled as we were two weeks ago. Heck, two years ago. Still a lot to watch there.

Is there is the end in sight for Hong Kong protests?

No, but they're gonna get small and the reason they get smaller is in part because the students are going back to school, in part because Xi Jinping and the executive, Carrie Lam, has said "yes" on the initial demand which is: end that new extradition law. And that means that is going to be harder to maintain the level of support for the protesters, demonstrators, that you've had over the course the past several months.


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