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Hump Day Recommendations, June 12, 2024

Listen: “Mania for Subjugation,” This latest episode of Hardcore History from podcaster Dan Carlin tries to get inside the heads of Alexander the Great and his very dramatic family to explore what we know about the psychology of the man responsible for spreading Hellenism from Cappadocia to the Khyber Pass. As always, a thoroughly entertaining and fascinating piece from the greatest podcaster in the game. – Matt

Listen: To the latest This American Life, “Come Retribution.” Donald Trump’s rhetoric has only intensified since his conviction in NYC. This podcast looks at what his retribution might look like from the people who have the most to lose if he’s reelected: the whistleblowers and ex-staffers who believe he may be coming for them. – Riley

Watch: “Ren Faire.” HBO's new docuseries has been described as “Game of Thrones meets Succession” but takes place at a Texas Renaissance festival, and that's about all I can do to describe it, other than to say you will not regret watching it. It’s produced by the Safdie brothers and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. – Alex Gibson, senior producer of “GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

Listen: “Empire.” Love podcasts? Love history? Then I would highly recommend checking this out. The hosts discuss the rise and fall of an array of different empires and the personalities and stories of key players along the way. It’s fascinating and will definitely keep you entertained. – John


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