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Hard Numbers: Iran's Women Attend First Football Match in Four Decades

320: In Zimbabwe, the price of electricity has risen recently by 320 percent, a spike that authorities say is needed to pay for equipment maintenance and fuel for generators. It's the latest sign that hopes for an economic revival after years of economic mismanagement under President Robert Mugabe remain unrealized.

30: After a United Nations report claimed that at least 30 Afghan civilians were killed by US airstrikes this spring, the US-led mission in Afghanistan countered that many of those killed were insurgents linked to Taliban-run drug labs. This dispute highlights the perils of reliance on overhead surveillance and local forces to identify combatants on a complex battleground.

3,500: Forty years since Iran banned female fans from attending sports stadiums where men are playing, Iranian women were granted access to a World Cup soccer qualifier in Tehran: 3,500 women bought tickets to the game. Amnesty International, which calls this move a "cynical publicity stunt," reports that only a "token number" out of 78,000 tickets were available to women.

3/4: Universal basic income (UBI) – a government-instituted program that would provide every adult with a specific sum of money to offset job losses from AI – is supported by three-quarters of residents in both the UK and Canada, according to a Gallup poll. Compare that to just 44 percent of Americans who support it.


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