Will the U.S. settle for a nuclear freeze by North Korea?

What was the most interesting thing to happen at the G20?

Has to be Ivanka and her breakthrough global climate deal, which of course didn't happen. No she didn't do anything while she was there, but I mean she annoyed Christine Lagarde, a little bit different story. The big deal was of course the world's two largest economies: U.S. and China. We have a cease-fire on further trade escalation, though absolutely no agreement on technology. I don't think there's going to be one there and when the relation is going to be very tense going forward, but it's important that take a step back from what had been escalation.

Will the US settle for a nuclear freeze by North Korea?

I don't know if they'll settle for a nuclear freeze but we now do have a willingness on the part of the American president to engage in incremental discussions in other words maybe the North Koreans do a formal freeze of ICBM and nuclear testing maybe they allow some inspectors in, they closed some plants, and the U.S. pulls some sanctions off. That was a non-starter in the first two summits. It's now becoming a possibility. It's the only way you get a deal with the North Koreans, moving in that direction.

Can Iran convince Europe to provide sanctions relief?

No. The Europeans would like to do that. The Americans have all the cards. That's why the Iranians, a year after the Americans pull out, have finally decided to start breaking their own nuclear agreement. The Americans, of course, broke it first.

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Does Boris Johnson strengthen or weaken the US-UK relationship?

Well I mean strengthens it in so far as he and Trump like each other. They're both oriented towards Brexit. They're kind of right-wing populists that aren't ideologically moored. But will it last? Boris could flip on a dime on any major issue as can Trump. So it's kind of volatile. Plus they both really love the media and when they're in front of each other with other people the potential to - I mean Boris upsets people and Trump easily takes offense. So this could easily go south.

Will Iran release the captured UK oil tanker?

I mean over time I suspect it will. But remember the UK has an Iranian tanker as well, so it's much more likely they work these things out together even if they're not explicitly linked, than suddenly the Iranians say, "Oh I'm sorry. Here's your tanker"

Will protests continue in Hong Kong?

It certainly seems that way. The question is what will China do about it? Xi Jinping is now saying that they are reaching the danger zone and the ability of the Chinese to hit back and hit back hard is real. I worry about those protesters.

Will Robert Mueller reveal anything new when he testifies on Capitol Hill?

I highly doubt it. He said very clearly that he does not intend to go beyond what was in his report. So Democrats looking for bombshells on collusion or obstruction are likely to be disappointed.

Can President Trump expand his electoral college edge in 2020?

Well he thinks he can. He thinks he can win in places like Minnesota and New Hampshire. I think it's more likely that he just hangs on to the Rust Belt states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin that got him there in 2016.

Should the governor of Puerto Rico resign?

Absolutely. Governor Rossello should resign. He's lost the confidence of the island. Puerto Rico needs a fresh start particularly after all these terrible text messages. He should definitely resign.

Finally for The Rant: today's rant is on Elizabeth Warren who put out a report today saying the economy is on the brink of collapse. It was very alarmist, certainly there are problems with the economy. Issues that could be fixed but she risks sounding like she's yelling fire in a crowded theater with calls like that.

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