Will the U.S. settle for a nuclear freeze by North Korea?

What was the most interesting thing to happen at the G20?

Has to be Ivanka and her breakthrough global climate deal, which of course didn't happen. No she didn't do anything while she was there, but I mean she annoyed Christine Lagarde, a little bit different story. The big deal was of course the world's two largest economies: U.S. and China. We have a cease-fire on further trade escalation, though absolutely no agreement on technology. I don't think there's going to be one there and when the relation is going to be very tense going forward, but it's important that take a step back from what had been escalation.

Will the US settle for a nuclear freeze by North Korea?

I don't know if they'll settle for a nuclear freeze but we now do have a willingness on the part of the American president to engage in incremental discussions in other words maybe the North Koreans do a formal freeze of ICBM and nuclear testing maybe they allow some inspectors in, they closed some plants, and the U.S. pulls some sanctions off. That was a non-starter in the first two summits. It's now becoming a possibility. It's the only way you get a deal with the North Koreans, moving in that direction.

Can Iran convince Europe to provide sanctions relief?

No. The Europeans would like to do that. The Americans have all the cards. That's why the Iranians, a year after the Americans pull out, have finally decided to start breaking their own nuclear agreement. The Americans, of course, broke it first.

Technology is changing the way modern geologists locate precious resources and harness energy. With supercomputers capable of processing geophysical data from all over the world, geologists are reconstructing models of the subsoil to identify hydrocarbon deposits. The efficiency of these powerful data processors can scan massive rock formations to help laboratories analyze geological systems. While today's modern geologists still have a compass and hammer to collect samples, petaflops of computing power are changing energy research at lightning speed.

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Are e-Cigs an example of tech gone wrong?

There's a real tradeoff in e-cigarettes. To the extent that people stop smoking regular cigarettes to use e-cigarettes, that's good. To the extent that new people who wouldn't have been smokers, particularly young people, start smoking, that's bad. Now there are real societal problems and health problems and the data show that there are lots of new people starting to smoke. I don't think of it as much as a tech problem though or tech gone wrong as much as a social problem.

Moviepass has shut down. Final thoughts?

Moviepass was this insane business. You pay them ten dollars a month and then they let you see all the 2D movies you want. That was one business plan. They had about 20 business plans. It's kind of just, there lots of tech companies where the business model is: pay us a dollar and we'll pay you two dollars. And then they say to the venture capitalists: "Look we're growing. Give us more money." Of course that's going to run out.

Nostalgia. What's the next old tech about to make a resurgence?

Snapchat. A year ago, it looked like they were poached. That Instagram was just going to knock them out. And now, everybody's using Snapchat again.

Following another inconclusive election this week, Israel's politics are in turmoil, and the man at the center of the battle to form the next government is neither the embattled prime minister nor the opposition leader who appears to have bested him.

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Justin Trudeau's Bid to Save Face – Canada's prime minister shouldn't play dress-up anymore. An unfortunate series of outfits he and his family wore during a visit to India in 2018 drew widespread mockery, and now there are old photos and video of Justin Trudeau wearing brown and black makeup on separate occasions at costume parties years ago. Trudeau has acknowledged that the costumes are racist and apologized profusely. It'll be up to Canadian voters to decide on October 21 just how seriously they take these spectacular lapses of judgment and good taste. In the meantime, Signal readers can enjoy this video of Trudeau throwing himself down a flight of stairs.

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30: A U.S. drone strike aiming to hit an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan, killed at least 30 civilians. There are around 2,000 ISIS fighters in Afghanistan, but some have been known to switch alliances between different insurgent groups, according to the US military.

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