Will the U.S. settle for a nuclear freeze by North Korea?

What was the most interesting thing to happen at the G20?

Has to be Ivanka and her breakthrough global climate deal, which of course didn't happen. No she didn't do anything while she was there, but I mean she annoyed Christine Lagarde, a little bit different story. The big deal was of course the world's two largest economies: U.S. and China. We have a cease-fire on further trade escalation, though absolutely no agreement on technology. I don't think there's going to be one there and when the relation is going to be very tense going forward, but it's important that take a step back from what had been escalation.

Will the US settle for a nuclear freeze by North Korea?

I don't know if they'll settle for a nuclear freeze but we now do have a willingness on the part of the American president to engage in incremental discussions in other words maybe the North Koreans do a formal freeze of ICBM and nuclear testing maybe they allow some inspectors in, they closed some plants, and the U.S. pulls some sanctions off. That was a non-starter in the first two summits. It's now becoming a possibility. It's the only way you get a deal with the North Koreans, moving in that direction.

Can Iran convince Europe to provide sanctions relief?

No. The Europeans would like to do that. The Americans have all the cards. That's why the Iranians, a year after the Americans pull out, have finally decided to start breaking their own nuclear agreement. The Americans, of course, broke it first.

The Business and Market Fair that recently took place in Sanzule, Ghana featured local crops, livestock and manufactured goods, thanks in part to the Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP), one of Eni's initiatives to diversify the local economy. The LRP program provided training and support to start new businesses to approximately 1,400 people from 205 households, invigorating entrepreneurship in the community.

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It's been two months since President Trump abruptly ordered the withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria, paving the way for a bloody Turkish offensive in that region. (See our earlier coverage here.) What's happened since? A guide for the puzzled:

No "end date" for US troops in Syria – US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said this week that the United States has completed its military pullback in northeastern Syria. Back in October, President Trump pledged to withdraw the roughly 1,000 American troops deployed there. Since then, some American troops have left Syria altogether, while others were redeployed to defend nearby oil fields from ISIS, as well as from Syrian government troops and Russia. Now, there are roughly 600 American troops dispersed around Syria, and the remainder have been deployed in Iraq to stave off a potential ISIS resurgence. It's not clear if any troops have returned to the US. When asked about the chaotic comings and goings of US troops in Syria in recent months, the commander of US Central Command said frankly: there's no "end date" for American troops stationed there.

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Turkey's government has captured many thousands of ISIS fighters as a result of its operations in northern Syria. Many of these prisoners have already been deported to some of the more than 100 countries they come from, and Ankara says it intends to send more. There are also more than 10,000 women and children – family members of ISIS fighters – still living in camps inside Syria.

These facts create a dilemma for the governments of countries where the ISIS detainees are still citizens: Should these terrorist fighters and their families be allowed to return, in many cases to face trial back home? Or should countries refuse to allow them back?

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What's the difference between Alphabet and Google?

Well, Google is the search engine, YouTube, all the stuff you probably think of as Google. Alphabet is the parent company that was created four or five years ago. And it contains a whole bunch of other entities like Jigsaw, Verily - the health care company that Google runs, Waymo - the self-driving car unit. Also, it's important to know Google makes tons of money. Alphabet, all that other stuff loses tons of money.

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