How will UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson deliver Brexit?

How will UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson deliver Brexit?

Not well, not on time, and probably means an early election instead of delivering Brexit, which may mean that he's in a stronger position to deliver Brexit after that election is through but also may mean he loses power and Corbyn is the next PM - much worse than even Brexit.

Should the US tax French wine?

No, no, no. In part because you need to focus on the Chinese. If you want to actually squeeze China, which is a worthy thing to do on trade and technology, you need American allies. Stage your concerns. Though I have to say, I consider Napa wine to be eminently more quaffable than French wine so it's not a personal thing.

Will the US quit the nuclear test ban treaty?

I don't think so. The Russians are saying that we're going to but that's just following off the Americans pulling out of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty. I don't think it's going to happen but the Russians are not even in breach of it. They were in breach. They are in breach of INF and that is unfortunate because it's one more piece of the nuclear deterrence puzzle that we are losing.

The Business and Market Fair that recently took place in Sanzule, Ghana featured local crops, livestock and manufactured goods, thanks in part to the Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP), one of Eni's initiatives to diversify the local economy. The LRP program provided training and support to start new businesses to approximately 1,400 people from 205 households, invigorating entrepreneurship in the community.

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Russia's Vladimir Putin and Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky sat down yesterday with Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Emmanuel Macron for a meeting in the Elysée Palace in Paris for peace talks. This was the first-ever meeting between Putin, Russia's dominant political force since 2000, and Zelensky, who was a TV comedian at this time last year.

Not much was agreed beyond a broader exchange of prisoners and a renewed commitment to a ceasefire that has never held. Fears that Putin would use Zelensky's inexperience to back him into a deal on Russian terms weren't realized, but the relationship between the two has only just begun.

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The UK currently benefits from EU trade pacts covering more than 70 countries. But if the UK leaves the EU without a trade deal in place, London could lose its preferential access to those markets. In preparation for such a scenario, the UK has signed 20 "continuity" agreements, allowing countries to keep trading with the UK under current rules even after Brexit. Here's a look at which countries and blocs have signed these deals with the UK, and the total value of each trade relationship.

Macron not backing down over pensions – Despite six days of mass unrest that has paralyzed Paris' public transport system and dented both tourism and Christmas retail, the government will stand firm on a proposal to reform and unify the country's 42 different pension plans. France's pension system, one of the most generous of any major industrialized country, has major budget shortfalls that contribute to the country's ballooning deficit. Last year, Macron abandoned a proposed fuel price hike that ignited the Yellow Vest movement. But overhauling France's "welfare state" was central to his 2017 election platform, and acquiescing to protesters this time around would be political suicide. France's prime minister – tapped to lead the pension reform project – is expected to announce the plan's final details tomorrow. We're watching to see how this might escalate things further.

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