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Emotional AI: More harm than good? | GZERO World

Emotional AI: More harm than good?

Generative AI mimics human-generated text, images, and video, and it's got huge implications for geopolitics, economics, and security. But that's not all - emotionally intelligent AI is on the rise.

And sometimes the results are ugly. Take the mental health nonprofit, KOKO, which used an AI chatbot to support counselors advising 4,000 people who were seeking counseling. The catch: The patients didn't know that a bot was generating the advice they were receiving. While users initially rated the bot-generated responses highly, the therapy lost its effectiveness once the patients were informed that they'd be talking to a fancy calculator.

The real question is: When does emotionally intelligent AI cross the line into emotionally manipulative territory?

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Toxic social media & American divisiveness | GZERO World

Toxic social media & American divisiveness

Are America's social and political divisions a greater threat to its future than any external force? On this episode of GZERO World, tech expert and NYU Professor Scott Galloway argues that despite its geopolitical and economic strength, America's social fabric is fraying due to “a lack of camaraderie, patriotism, and connective tissue.”

He blames social media for creating the sense that things are much worse than they are and worries that artificial intelligence may only make a growing problem much worse.

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ChatGPT's search revolution: How social media will be your new search engine | GZERO World

AI's search revolution: How ChatGPT will be your new search engine

Artificial intelligence and innovations in search engines like Google could shake up some of the old-school tech sectors that have been slacking on innovation for the past two decades.

On GZERO World, tech expert and NYU Professor Scott Galloway shares his views about how Google's current search model sometimes sacrifices accuracy to boost paid results and keep its $150 billion ad business alive.

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Ian Explains: The dark side of AI | GZERO World

Ian Explains: The dark side of AI

Hollywood has long warned us about a future where humans and machines become indistinguishable, and we might be closer than we think. OpenAI's Dall-E-2 can create images from text prompts, like astronauts riding horses in space. And their ChatGPT language model generates human-like text, blurring the lines between sci-fi and reality. By 2023, AI might even pass the Turing test, which for decades has measured a machine's human intelligence.

While generative AI has the power to solve major global challenges, it also presents dangers, Ian Bremmer explains on GZERO World.

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The AI arms race begins: Scott Galloway’s optimism & warnings | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

The AI arms race begins: Scott Galloway’s optimism & warnings

As the world embraces the power of AI, there are growing concerns about the potential consequences of this double-edged sword. On this episode of GZERO World, tech expert and NYU Professor Scott Galloway sheds light on the darker side of AI, with social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok being used as espionage and propaganda tools to manipulate younger generations. But don't lose hope yet. AI can speed up search and help predict the next big trend, says Galloway. He emphasizes the potential of AI and language structure-driven search to revolutionize traditional search methods, and the value of social media data sets for decision-making.

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ChatGPT vs Puppet Regime | PUPPET REGIME | GZERO Media

ChatGPT vs Puppet Regime

Us: There's no way a ChatBot can write a better puppet skit than a human being, right?

ChatGPT:Code my beer...

Watch more of GZERO's award-winning comedy series PUPPET REGIME!

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Podcast: Why Scott Galloway is “cautiously optimistic” about AI - but not TikTok or Meta

Listen: AI is both exciting and scary these days. It could solve big challenges but also lead to political chaos and authoritarian surveillance. On the GZERO World podcast, tech expert and NYU Professor Scott Galloway warns that AI-powered social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok can be used for espionage and propaganda, potentially manipulating younger generations without them even realizing it. However, generative AI's potential to organize vast stores of data could revolutionize traditional search engines and provide huge value in unstructured data sets, particularly in healthcare and defense scenario planning.

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Charging ahead for the future of AI | Global Stage | GZERO Media

Can the US stay ahead of China on AI?

Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI and DeepMind is at the forefront of maintaining America’s edge in artificial intelligence.

But can America stay ahead of China in the push for AI leadership? Nic Robertson, CNN’s international diplomatic editor, puts the question to Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith during a Global Stage livestream conversation hosted by GZERO in partnership with Microsoft at the Munich Security Conference.

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