Boris Johnson is a political animal. He's also famous for being impervious to scandal, often emerging from a new controversy stronger than before. But recently the British PM has been caught in so many political scandals that most Brits — and his own Conservative Party — have now turned their back on him, perhaps for good. We take a look at Johnson's approval ratings over the past year, highlighting a few of the dramas that have eroded his popularity.

For almost half a century, NATO and the Soviet-backed Warsaw Pact alliance glowered at each other across the Iron Curtain. But after the USSR collapsed, NATO expanded eastwards by welcoming former Eastern Bloc members – a development Moscow viewed as a direct challenge to its sphere of influence. This dynamic has become a massive point of contention recently, as Moscow increasingly threatens Ukraine's sovereignty. Russia wants assurances from Washington that states like Ukraine, Finland, and Sweden won’t join NATO. Here's a look at the history of the alliance's expansion.

As COVID vaccines started being widely rolled out in much of the developed world a little under a year ago, we documented how the EU was outpacing the US in new deaths and cases, in large part due to Brussels’ bungling of the vaccine rollout for much of the first half of 2021. But in the age of omicron, where medical systems are buckling under the weight of exploding caseloads, that gap has narrowed significantly: the US and EU are now reporting eerily similar new daily death tolls per 1 million people. We compare new COVID deaths in both places over the past year.

Let's be clear: the US and China are not in a new Cold War. For some time, China hawks in the Trump and Biden administrations, along with members of Congress, have been pushing for the US economy to "decouple" from China, especially on tech. They have failed in many sectors. Despite political pressure in Washington, an ongoing trade war, and both countries preoccupied with domestic crises, the reality is that over the past two years the world's two largest economies have become more integrated — especially on global supply chains. We take a look at US-China annual trade levels since 2015.

And just like that, omicron is everywhere in the US. The COVID variant, barely known just a few weeks ago, now accounts for three-quarters of all cases in America, and has quickly outpaced the once-dominant delta. Cases are spreading like wildfire, particularly in Florida, Washington DC, New York, and New Jersey — all of which have recorded massive hikes in recent days. We take a look at what percentage of all cases in the US are now from omicron, as well as the change in daily COVID cases nationwide.

While the debate over fetal rights vs a woman’s right to choose is particularly ferocious in the US, it’s also a divisive issue in many parts of the world, particularly in countries where the Catholic Church holds influence. We take a look at abortion laws globally, as well as countries with the highest and lowest official abortion rates.

After a grueling 20 months, the US opened its borders this week to all foreign nationals vaccinated against COVID. For many, a visit to America is synonymous with a jaunt to New York City – famously described by the cast of Rent as the "center of the universe." Almost 67 million tourists visited New York City in the year before the pandemic. Where do most of the internationals come from — and how much cash do they infuse into the economy? We take a look at the top 10 NYC tourist arrivals by country of origin, as well as average spending per tourist.

The entire world has been affected by COVID, but some countries have felt the pain more than others. A combination of poor political leadership, lack of resources, and socioeconomic factors has resulted in unprecedented death tolls in several countries over the past 20 months. But there's some good news on the horizon: deaths are plummeting in four of the top five countries with the highest overall COVID death tolls to date. We take a look at the weekly death toll in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and India since the start of the pandemic.