David Johnston, Canada's special rapporteur on foreign interference, holds a press conference about his findings and recommendations in Ottawa, Ontario.

REUTERS/Blair Gable

How Beijing wins is a question engulfing US and Canadian politics, with hysteria over spy balloons, election meddling, and Taiwan slouching toward a low-rent neo-McCarthyism. And it’s a fair question. China is spying on everyone (even their friend-with-oil-benefits Russia is busting them for some hypersonic snooping), stealing IP, beefing up their military, and, in the case of Canada, actively undermining democracy.

The wolf warriors are snarling, but these geopolitical noises are nothing new. The question is what to do about it.

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Silicon Valley Bank.


Where have you gone, Joe Shuster? Our nation turns its banking eyes to you.

Joe Shuster? The Canadian-American who co-created the comic book hero Superman?

Yes, I’m thinking of Joe a lot these days – not just because he once lived on the same street in Toronto as I did (Borden Street, for those interested) but because, with Lex Putin’s apocalyptic tendencies, everyone is looking for a superhero. And we’re facing another tricky threat: the economy. Inflation is high, and banks are failing. So it may be time for a new hero: Super Banker.

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