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Welcome to the GZERO

Welcome to the GZERO

Welcome to the GZERO

Hi, I’m Ian Bremmer, and I want to help us all become a little less crazy. Starting now.

I think, talk, and write about global politics for a living. That's too important a subject to be left to “schools of thought,” which is why I left academia to go into business—the business of geopolitics. And because so many people know they don’t really understand this subject—and know they need to—I and 200 of the smartest people I know have built the world’s largest political science company, Eurasia Group.

Yet, I rarely get to really engage, argue, and laugh with those who follow me on TV, in print, or in social media. That’s what this page is for—and why I’m glad you’re here.

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You might be wondering about the title, GZERO World. Here’s the idea: We don’t live in a world run by the leaders of the “Group of 7” (G-7) countries, or the G20, or any secret coalition of cool heads, deep pockets, and great powers. This is the GZERO, a moment in history where nobody is driving this bus. “Global leadership” today is full of contradictions: the United States is the world’s superpower—but also the most politically divided and dysfunctional of the rich democracies. China is #2—but also the most unified and stable of authoritarian regimes. America First? It’s more like Every Nation for Itself.

That’s why I named my media company GZERO Media and my weekly public television show and podcast GZERO World.

On the show, I talk to newsmakers about the events and ideas driving headlines. But there’s only so much we can cover in 30 minutes a week, so in this newsletter, we’ll continue those conversation and go deeper.

World news today is stressful. I’m writing this page to separate fact from fiction, signal from noise, and the trivial from the essential. I think that’s the secret to making us all 10% less crazy. I can’t do 50%. That’s water weight. You’ll go back to your regular news diet and gain it right back. But with a little focus and a little time, 10% is doable. So let’s do it!

A warning—If you only “like” ideas you already agree with, this page is probably not for you.

I’m going to make my case on issues like America’s role in the world, China’s rise, Europe’s future, Russia’s plans, Latin America’s evolution, Africa’s promise, pandemic fallout, climate change, dangerous new technologies, and all things GZERO. I invite you to think with me, argue with me, and tell me about it. You read my posts, and I’ll read your comments, because I care very much what YOU think.

So, thanks for stopping by, and here we go!

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