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The Graphic Truth: Where immigrants to US & Canada come from

The Graphic Truth: Where immigrants to US & Canada come from
Luisa Vieira

When it comes to immigration policies, Canada and the United States often go in opposite directions. Ottawa’s per capita total towers over Washington’s – 1.05 to 0.30 – because it strategically positions immigration as a cornerstone of its economic growth plan. In short, it bolsters the labor force.

But last week, we told you that 44% of Canadians (up from 27% last year) now think that immigration levels are too high, the biggest change in sentiment pollster Environics has seen in more than four decades. While this has prompted a new government cap on newcomers, the cap is high: 500,000 a year.

In stark contrast, US immigration policies are subject to the winds of changing administrations, and immigrants are often cast as a strain on the economy, limiting the number of jobs and resources available for Americans.

So where do most immigrants to the US and Canada come from? India tops the list for Canada, with the number of Indians who have become permanent residents in Canada tripling since 2013. India is No. 2 on the US list, beaten by more than twice as many migrants from Mexico.

We look at the top 10 countries of origin for immigrants to both countries.


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