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Columbia River Gorge

Panoramic via Reuters

Hard Numbers: A river runs through US-Canada talks, Indian hackers hit CAF, Swedes supercharge Quebec investment, Unifor sets sights on GM, Canada emits mixed picture on climate progress

40: The US and Canada are in an eddy of difficult negotiations about water use from the shared Columbia River, whose dams provide half of British Columbia’s electricity and 40% of all US hydropower. Time is running out — the 1964 treaty that governs the two countries’ use of the river expires next September.

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The logo of Amazon is seen at the company logistics center in Lauwin-Planque, northern France, November 15, 2022.

REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

The FTC takes on Amazon, Canadian investigation ongoing

The Federal Trade Commission, joined by 17 states, has launched a lawsuit against Amazon, alleging it is a “monopolist” that engages in anticompetitive behavior.
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Migrants share space at a makeshift shelter in Denver, Colo., on Friday, Jan. 13, 2023.

Hyoung Chang/Pool via REUTERS

Migrant and housing crises hit both sides of border

Denver, Colorado, is an American poster child for the challenges that arise when a housing crisis meets a rise in migration coupled with insufficient support for newcomers.
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Speaker of the House of Commons Anthony Rota during Question Period on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada September 25, 2023.

REUTERS/Blair Gable

A tale of two speakers

It’s been an extraordinary few weeks for speakers in both the House of Representatives and the House of Commons.

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Luisa Viera

Is the clock ticking on Biden and Trudeau?

Both Canada and the United States suffer from perpetual campaigns.
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The Graphic Truth: Indians hold 40% of Canadian student visas

The fallout from allegations that India was behind the assassination of Hardeep Singh Nijjar has thrown Indo-Canadian relations into the lurch. Each side has expelled a diplomat from the other, and India’s Embassy in Canada stopped processing visas – a serious diplomatic gesture, no doubt, but the material impacts are likely to be small. Only around 80,000 Canadians visited India in 2021 out of more than 1.5 million foreign tourists.

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India-Canada standoff heats up while US seeks a compromise
India-Canada standoff heats up while US seeks a compromise | Quick Take | GZERO Media

India-Canada standoff heats up while US seeks a compromise

Hi, everybody. Ian Bremmer here. And a Quick Take to kick off your week.

India and Canada. Not the two countries that you expected to be getting into a big public fight. But that is exactly where we are. And the Americans are uncomfortable. And sort of in the middle of it, though I'm about clearly on Canada's side. Give you a little background.

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Fragmented Canadian maple leaf over map of the world

Luisa Vieira

Does Canada have a foreign policy?

Protected by three oceans and the hegemony of the United States, Canadian foreign policy has long been shaped by geographical accident and proximity to power. The trade-off has been that while Canada doesn’t have great power preoccupations it remains stuck within the orbit of its most important ally, the US, which does.

But now, the Canadian government is facing a series of foreign policy challenges that put it in an awkward position. Ottawa suddenly needs to clarify its goals and refine its tactics. Can it?

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