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As the anticipation builds in Hanoi, we go ringside for the walkouts of heavyweight contenders "KIM JONG-UNstoppable" and Donald "The Bitter Hitter of Twitter" Trump. Watch the showdown here.

The North Korea Conundrum

Are the U.S. and North Korea moving toward conflict or a lasting peace? This week Ian Bremmer goes deep on North Korea and talks to the man who was nearly U.S. ambassador to South Korea, until the White House thought otherwise. And on Puppet Regime, everyone is gearing up for the U.S. midterm elections. Especially Vladimir Putin.

The Autocrat's Playbook

How does a democracy die? In stops and starts – says our guest this week – and usually, from within. Steve Levitsky is a professor of politics at Harvard and the co-author of the recent bestseller How Democracies Die. Drawing from history and present day (think: Venezuela), Levitsky makes a compelling case for precisely how an autocrat could bring down the pillars of democracy. And Ian presses him on perhaps the most worrying implication of all: is the United States next?

+World Cup + Turkey Elections + Migrants in the Mediterranean.

Let’s get to it.

A Tremendous Catch

As Kim and Trump deepen their now-beautiful relationship with a Father’s Day fishing trip, The Donald accidentally catches The Big One. #PUPPETREGIME

Trump and Kim Enter the Ring

The Trump-Kim summit showdown of the century is just hours away, here’s how these two heavyweights stack up for the throwdown. #PUPPETREGIME