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Polish soldiers build a fence on the border between Poland and Belarus near the village of Nomiki.


Hard Numbers: Polish razor wire, Ecuadoran cop killers, drug deal of the century, Cairo’s COP crackdown

3: To head off a potential migrant crisis, Polish authorities are laying three rows of razor wire fencing along the border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. The issue isn’t Russians fleeing the draft but Kaliningrad airport’s welcoming of flights from the Middle East and Africa, which Poland fears may carry refugees and asylum-seekers. Last year, a Poland-Belarus border crisis erupted when Minsk pulled a similar move.

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Pelosi’s Taiwan trip is a gift to China

Pelosi’s Taiwan trip is a gift to China

Between the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS Act, the successful assassination of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri without collateral damage, a blockbuster jobs report that laid to rest any talk ofrecession, a sharp decline in inflation expectations on the back of 57 straight days of falling gas prices, and solidly red state Kansas voting down abortion restrictions, the Biden administration has had an exceptional couple of weeks.

But there is one bit of very bad news raining on Biden’s parade: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has increased tensions between the U.S. and China to their highest point since the Tiananmen Square massacre.

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Analysis: Pelosi's Taiwan visit increases U.S.-China tensions but won't lead to war

Analysis: Pelosi's Taiwan visit increases U.S.-China tensions but won't lead to war

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful member of the United States Congress, has now returned from a trip to Asia, which included a stopover in Taiwan. The fallout from that visit has only just begun.

When media reports first appeared that she wanted to go, China’s government began issuing warnings of grave consequences. The U.S., Chinese officials insisted, was playing with fire. What’s more, Joe Biden, the embattled U.S. president and leader of Pelosi’s Democratic Party, made clear through surrogates and leaks to the media that he thought a stop in Taiwan was an unnecessarily provocative and poorly timed idea. His administration is trying to cool rising tensions with China, and Biden knew Pelosi’s trip would do the opposite.

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A protester wears a face mask with a sticker reading "Chase Prayuth" and raising the three-finger salute during a rally against the Thai PM.

Chaiwat Subprasom / SOPA Images/Sipa USA

Hard Numbers: Thais come clean on Pegasus, Salvadoran emergency extended, Tunisian pol questioned, Chinese boycott mortgages

30: Thailand admitted using the Israeli-made Pegasus spyware to track phones in cases related to drugs or “national security.” The government reportedly also deployed Pegasus to spy on 30 activists linked to the ongoing youth-led mass protests against coup-leader-turned PM Prayuth Chan-ocha, which triggered a political earthquake by questioning the role of the monarchy.

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A man lifts a gas tank during an opposition protest demanding the resignation of President Gotabhaya Rajapakse in Sri Lanka.

Thilina Kaluthotage

Hard Numbers: No Sri Lanka-IMF deal, Polish border fence, all-male Taliban party, Argentina’s farm crisis

10: On Thursday, Sri Lanka ended 10 days of talks with the IMF without agreeing on a bailout package to get the bankrupt island nation out of its worst-ever economic, social, and political crisis. Who else could help? India might find an opening to win Sri Lankan hearts and minds by offering the cash China now seems unwilling to provide.

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World on fire, meet politics: A conversation with Andrew Revkin

World on fire, meet politics: A conversation with Andrew Revkin

On Monday, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released an extremely important, if grim, report on the state of climate science. You can watch my Quick Take on it below and on GZERO Media:

Today I’m joined by Andrew Revkin, director of the Initiative on Communication and Sustainability at Columbia University's Climate School and fellow Bulletin writer. A journalist by trade, Andy has been covering climate change and sustainability issues longer than almost anyone else. We had a lively conversation over email. A (lightly edited) transcript follows.

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An Interview With Anne-Marie Slaughter | A “President Biden's” US Foreign Policy | GZERO World

An interview With Anne-Marie Slaughter: a “President Biden's” US foreign policy

An extended conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former top State Department official under President Obama and the CEO of the think tank New America. Slaughter spoke with Ian Bremmer about how a "President Biden" could reshape US foreign policy.

Anne-Marie Slaughter On A Biden Administration’s Top Foreign Policy Priorities | GZERO World

Anne-Marie Slaughter on a Biden administration’s top foreign policy priorities

"The top priority will be to announce to the world that the United States they've known for decades is back." Former top Obama diplomat and current CEO of the think tank New America Anne-Marie slaughter predicts an American revival on the global stage if Joe Biden wins the presidency. But at a time when the United States has never been more divided, can any nation, even the world's most powerful, be a global leader if it cannot even keep its own house in order? Ian Bremmer's conversation with Slaughter is part of a new episode of GZERO World.

Watch the episode: How a "President Biden" could reshape US foreign policy

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