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Sweden Coronavirus Regrets; Boris Johnson's Hong Kong Promise

Sweden's state epidemiologist has expressed regrets about not having tighter coronavirus controls. What's the reaction been in Sweden?

Well, the guy has been going somewhat back and forth over what he actually meant by that particular statement. But I think there's a general feeling, yes, we could have done things better that relates to testing and that relates to quite a number of other things. And there is a concern that as Europe is now opening up, Swedes are treated as slightly different, slightly more dangerous than people from other countries. There is concern over that.

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Europe COVID-19 Reopening: European Commission Recommendation & UK

What's the confusion around Boris Johnson's directive on opening up Britain?

Well, there's always confusion in his issues, because these issues or these directives are necessarily not covering every single detail. So, there has been a considerable amount of confusion, and I think that's got to be the pattern in quite a number of countries.

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Who is Dominic Raab? Leadership Questions in UK & Poland

Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden, provides his perspective on coronavirus-related leadership questions: Who is Dominic Raab? Is he in power in the UK?

Well, good questions that are there no good answers to. He is virtually unknown. He's been foreign secretary for some time. He was a contender for being Conservative Party leader but was defeated by Boris Johnson, eventually lined up with him. Fairly unknown, and of course, they have difficulties in the sense that there is no deputy prime minister in the UK systems. An element of constitutional uncertainty with the situation there, at the moment.

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Will there be more drastic lockdown measures in the US soon?

Ian Bremmer provides his perspective in (slightly) more than 60 seconds: In fighting this pandemic, do you anticipate more drastic lockdown measures in the US soon?

No, I think the answer to that at this point is no. Even though we expect the next week, two weeks, are going to be the most challenging in terms of the numbers of new cases and deaths in different cities across the country. No, the bigger question is when we start to see a relaxation of that lockdown, which will certainly start happening in the coming, say, four-six weeks, but in different states, in different cities, with different politics behind them, what's the likelihood we have to engage in new shut down? Which is incredibly difficult to do and will make those political leaders look like they acted intemperately. You already see that in places where they've acted very well.

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You Brexit, You Buy It

How will the UK (and Europe) get out of the Brexit mess that they're in? Ian breaks it down and then talks with the International Rescue Committee's CEO David Miliband, who also happened to be UK Foreign Secretary for a time. They'll talk Brexit and the geopolitics of humanitarian crises around the world. And of course, we've got Puppet Regime. #brexit #article50 #FBPE