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Hump day recommendations

Watch: “Argentina, 1985.” This Oscar-nominated film tells the story of a reluctant prosecutor and his team of novices charged with holding Argentina’s military leaders accountable for human-rights crimes committed during the period of military dictatorship. It’s formulaic at times, but the film’s emotional courtroom climax packs a punch, and the understated lead performance of Ricardo Darin, one of the world’s great film actors, makes this a movie to see. – Willis

Read: “A Room With a View,” by E.M. Forster. Julian Sands, who is missing following an apparent climbing accident, starred alongside Helena Bonham-Carter in the 1985 film version, a great coming-of-age tale. But for a richer look at Edwardian politics, be sure to check out Forster’s original. – Tracy

Watch: “Network.” This 1976 multiple Oscar-winning satirical drama follows a struggling fictional television network, whose veteran news anchor Howard Beale suffers a nervous breakdown and is subsequently exploited by the network for ratings. Directed by Sidney Lumet and headed by a stellar cast, the film has been heralded as one of the most influential and prophetic films ever made for predicting the advent of “info-tainment.” - Ben

Watch: “Close.” Rarely do films portray an intimate portrait of friendship between 13-year-old boys. “Close,” a film by Belgian director Lukas Dhont, explores the bond between Leo and Remi, who live with their respective families in small town Belgium. Close is a love story, coming-of-age film and exploration of grief wrapped in one – and is nominated for best foreign feature. – Gabrielle

Sit down: With your murderer. Sooner or later, all countries at war must do this, and Ukraine won’t be an exception, says historian Stephen Kotkin in this wide-ranging New Yorker interview about what Ukraine’s victory might look like, the negative “value of life” in Putin’s Russia, and whether Londoners should watch out for their water supply. Kotkin is always worth listening to, and the fact that he talks like Joe Pesci is just a bonus. – Alex


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