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Hun Manet, son of Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen


Nepo-baby Hun Manet to rule Cambodia

Following last month’s “nepo-baby succession” election, Cambodia’s parliament on Tuesday elected Hun Manet to take over as prime minister from his father Hun Sen, who ruled for almost 40 years.

Manet, who has served as Cambodia’s army chief, gained notoriety for negotiating a peace settlement with Thailand in 2011, narrowly averting a senseless war.

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Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen poses with his son Hun Manet near the capital, Phnom Penh.

REUTERS/Chor Sokunthea

Cambodia's nepo-baby succession: From strongman to strongson

On Sunday, Cambodia will hold a parliamentary election. It'll be anything but free and fair.

The ruling party controls all 125 seats in parliament. Opposition parties are banned. Political dissidents are silent, fearful that speaking out against the government might be followed by an unfortunate road accident — Cambodia's answer to Russians falling out of windows under Vladimir Putin.

What makes this “election” special is that it should be the last one for Hun Sen, the Southeast Asian country's eternal dictator, ahem, prime minister.

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