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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith speaks during the Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference in Ottawa, Canada.

REUTERS/Lars Hagberg

Two battles at once in Alberta, the home of key US energy exports

Alberta is in the middle of a tight election, the first for United Conservative Party Premier Danielle Smith. She won the party’s leadership after former Premier Jason Kenney resigned last May following his poor showing in a leadership review vote. This election is really a battle pitting Smith’s UPC against the left-wing New Democratic Party and former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. But suddenly, a third player has emerged, and it could prove decisive.

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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith speaks at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

REUTERS/Todd Korol

Alberta heads to the polls

Oil executives will be keeping an eye on the too-close-to-call Alberta election campaign that kicked off this week. The race pits incumbent Danielle Smith, a fiery libertarian, against former Premier Rachel Notley, leader of the leftist New Democrats.

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