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A century after the rise and destruction of Tulsa's Greenwood neighborhood, Greenwood Rising is turning the site of a tragedy into a vibrant community hub, supported by a $1 million grant from Bank of America.

Greenwood, or Black Wall Street, was a thriving community of Black-owned businesses until the race-fueled massacre of 1921 that killed hundreds of Black residents and wiped out the neighborhood's homes and businesses. Nearing the 100th anniversary of this tragedy, focused activity in the neighborhood—including a history center—is bringing to life the spirit of Black Wall Street.

Bank of America announced steps to achieve net zero emissions before 2050 for its financing activities, operations and supply chain.

"We believe our commitment will help spur the growth of zero carbon energy and power solutions, sustainable transportation and agriculture, and other sector transformations, while generating more climate resilient and equitable opportunities for our future," says Bank of America Vice Chairman Anne Finucane.

World Economic Forum's International Business Council, under the leadership of Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, introduced the world's first standardized ESG measurements. Through them, companies can track their impact when it comes to People, Planet, Prosperity, and Principles of Governance.

Bank of America is proud to be a founding member of the World Economic Forum's new Partnering for Racial Justice in Business initiative, a coalition of global organizations advocating for equitable workplaces.

Bank of America is committed to playing a role to advance racial equality.

The heightened interest in green hydrogen is no hype. Haim Israel of BofA Global Research answers questions about how this renewable energy can bolster energy supplies while cutting harmful emissions around the world.

The U.N. estimates $6 trillion a year is required to properly address all 17 sustainable development goals, such as providing 800 million people access to clean water. See how Bank of America is aligning its $2.4 trillion balance sheet to the task.

"The need to mobilize and deploy capital to address climate change has never been more urgent," says Bank of America Vice Chairman Anne Finucane. See how the pandemic has put a new lens on issues such as education, inequality and climate change — and what business, government and nonprofits must do to help.

The Big 2021 Question: What do a vaccine, changes in Washington, D.C. and a shifting geopolitical landscape mean for the economy and markets?

Experts from Bank of America's Chief Investment Office and BofA Global Research share their insights on how the events of the past year could impact everything from financial markets to global politics in 2021.