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“We are headed down a Net Zero path because it makes economic geopolitical sense — and that has never happened up until now,” says Haim Israel, Head of Global Thematic Research.

Watch Bank of America experts talk about the transformation.

Ten percent of global emissions are from the fashion industry.

A new publication from Bank of America Institute highlights trends in sustainable fashion and how consumers are looking for ways to lessen the environmental impact of their buying decisions.

US electric vehicle adoption is broadening out from the West, with the South and Midwest showing strong growth.

Looking ahead:A new publication fromBank of America Institutenoted the number of new EV model launches over 2024-27 may exceed that of new internal combustion engine vehicles.

The aviation sector has long been considered one of the most difficult to decarbonize.

See how Bank of America is helping the sustainable fuel market make progress toward the goal of establishing a net-zero travel and transport industry.

Stocks have rebounded strongly since their lows of last October. What could the rest of the year bring for investors — and how might you prepare for new risks and potential opportunities?

For the latest insights, watch Chris Hyzy, Chief Investment Officer for Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank, host a midyear check-in on the economy with a panel of experts.

When home prices and mortgage rates are both on the rise, owning a home can feel like an elusive goal. Bank of America’s investment in community housing organizations in the Tampa Bay community is empowering potential homebuyers through grants and financial education.

Learn more about the bank’s efforts to support its customers in finding affordable housing.

Despite growth over the last decade, the Hispanic-Latino small business community still faces barriers.

Bank of America is supporting the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte in its effort to close the digital divide for Hispanic-Latino entrepreneurs.

The city’s only public acute care hospital has developed a holistic approach to help patients with mental health issues and insecure housing.

See how Bank of America is supporting this work as part of its commitment to promote equality and economic opportunity.