What if finding your voice helped heal a nation?

In a new episode of That Made All the Difference, Bank of America's Alicia Burke sits down with Lonnie Bunch to discuss developing his passion for history and finding his calling at the Smithsonian.

There is so much work to be done to address social issues that disproportionately affect Black and Hispanic-Latino communities.

Bank of America's $2 billion Equality Progress Sustainability Bond aims to support progress toward racial equality and environmental sustainability.

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Oklahoma City Public Schools are made up of a majority of Black and Hispanic-Latino students, and families in the district speak 40+ languages. Supported by Bank of America grants, the Foundation for OKCPS helps schools build a stronger pipeline of qualified teachers who mirror the student population.

In a recent op-ed, Bank of America Vice Chairman Anne Finucane outlines how carbon offsets are an essential part of our collective efforts to create a sustainable economy — for our children and the future of our communities.

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A century after the rise and destruction of Tulsa's Greenwood neighborhood, Greenwood Rising is turning the site of a tragedy into a vibrant community hub, supported by a $1 million grant from Bank of America.

Greenwood, or Black Wall Street, was a thriving community of Black-owned businesses until the race-fueled massacre of 1921 that killed hundreds of Black residents and wiped out the neighborhood's homes and businesses. 100 years after this tragedy, increased economic activity in the neighborhood—including a history center—is bringing to life the spirit of Black Wall Street.

Two out of three U.S. women say they were not encouraged to pursue a career in STEM, even though volumes of research continue to show that, across industries, teams with gender diversity drive success.

Three women inventors at Bank of America share how childhood curiosity has spurred a lifetime of innovation.

Being a great place to work starts with investing in your teammates.

That's why Bank of America is increasing its minimum rate of pay to $25 per hour by 2025—raising the bar set just last year when the bank increased it to $20/hour.