Tools and Weapons takes readers inside one of the world's largest and most powerful tech companies as it finds itself in the middle of some of the thorniest emerging issues of our time. These are challenges including privacy, cybercrime and cyberwar, social media, and the moral conundrums of AI. Rolling Stone's Andy Kroll writes: "[Brad] Smith's book is not the typical vanity project churned out by so many Fortune 500 leaders, the generic tomes on leadership and teamwork stocked at airport bookstores near the neck pillows. Tools and Weapons is a glimpse behind the curtain as Microsoft reckoned with the Snowden revelations, defended against the vicious cyberattacks, and took both the Obama and Trump administrations to court." Buy the book here.

China and the United States are not just the world's largest consumers of information technology, but also the largest suppliers. How is technology defining the relationship between China and the U.S., and what does it mean for the rest of the world? Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne's Tools and Weapons explores this and other pressing issues. The book takes readers on a narrative journey from the cockpit of one of the world's largest tech companies and lays out a path forward on some of the thorniest issues of our time. Read about it here.

Cyberspace has become a battlefield and powerful cyberweapons are being used against civilians. There are huge ramifications for communities and countries. Microsoft President Brad Smith provides a thoughtful and urgent contribution to that effort, among other issues like digital privacy, in his new book, "Tools and Weapons." Read about it here.

Internationally, food security is under threat from drought, while agriculture is subject to thin margins and complex global trade. There is also pressure to do more with less to ensure food security for the global population. Because of this, farmers are driven to get the most out of every harvest, even if that short-term focus may have long-term ill effects on the soil and their yield. Farmers in the U.S. are now turning to Ag-Analytics, a leader in AI solutions, to help address these concerns. Sharing Microsoft's goal to help monitor, model and manage Earth's natural resources with cloud and AI, the company brings precision agriculture to fruition in a platform that helps farmers leverage data to make decisions. Read more on Microsoft on the Issues.

"The Future Computed: AI and Manufacturing" is the second book in Microsoft's The Future Computed series, looking at the impact of AI on society. The book examines the way in which leading manufacturing companies are using AI to build the factories and supply chains of the future. It also looks at the way the manufacturing industry is again at the forefront of grappling with the challenges of adopting a new technology. For more, on AI and manufacturing, visit Microsoft On The Issues.