Globally, more than 1 billion people are living with a disability, yet just one in 10 people has access to assistive technology. Microsoft has been building inclusion into its products and services. And to help everyone get the most from accessibility resources, the company has the Disability Answer Desk. It is free, 24/7 technical support from Microsoft experts trained in assistive technologies.

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Museums are where people immerse themselves in culture, learn, create, share and interact. Being accessible — designed for everyone — is one way museums can maximize that role, and a growing number are working hard to do just that to serve the more than one billion people worldwide experience some form of disability.

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Since GDPR went into effect, on May 25th 2018, more than 18 million people from around the world have used Microsoft's tool to manage their personal information. The highest level of engagement, both on a per capita basis and in absolute numbers, continues to come from the United States where about 6.7 million people have used the dashboard. Not surprisingly, residents of European countries covered under GDPR also account for a significant percentage of people who have visited the privacy dashboard—to date more than 4 million of our customers in the EU have logged on to manage their data.

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The majority of security breaches faced by political campaigns originate from malicious phishing attacks and target email and file sharing systems. But many campaigns are ill-equipped to deal with these threats from nation-states and criminal scammers. M365 for Campaigns addresses both issues by making it easy to deploy advanced security features at a much lower price.

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ElectionGuard, a new open source software development kit from Microsoft, will make voting secure, more accessible, and more efficient anywhere it's used in the United States or in democratic nations around the world. ElectionGuard will be available starting this summer to election officials and election technology suppliers who can incorporate the technology into voting systems. The technology enables end-to-end verification of elections, open results to third-party organizations for secure validation, and allows individual voters to confirm their votes were correctly counted, among other benefits.

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