When Zoe Marshall decided to switch careers in her forties and become a fishmonger, she was scared. After leaving her job of 23 years, Zoe was forced to pivot in order to keep her family's home. Despite challenges, she forged ahead, opening Sea-Licious. Accepting Visa payments in her fishmonger shop, this access to commerce helps Zoe provide convenience to her customers and confidence in their transactions. Though she's one of the only women in the fish market each morning, her business and its place in the local community are flourishing with Visa's help.

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Even with innovations in fintech and digital payments, roadblocks related to basic infrastructure like electricity and internet connectivity still prevent many migrant workers from being able to transfer money to their families back home with a truly digital end-to-end flow. While more workers can send money digitally today, the majority of people still receive funds in cash. Read more about why public-private partnerships are key to advancing the future of global money movement and why it matters from experts at the Visa Economic Empowerment Institute.

Digital commerce should be a source of empowerment for everyone, everywhere. That's why we're bringing together the latest research, diverse perspectives, and innovative ideas on how to help people and small businesses around the world — by fostering digital equity and inclusion, unlocking growth through trade, and building a more open future for payments. We're exploring questions like, How did Bangladesh become a fintech pioneer? Why do only 15% of women-owned small businesses currently export? Join us as we explore these and other important issues at the Visa Institute for Economic Empowerment.

Whether you're buying a bag from an artisan in Guatemala or a dog sweater from a merchant who works from her couch, Visa is a network working behind the scenes to connect buyers and sellers globally. Visa helps make transactions easy, enabling seamless digital payments and online retail experiences so buyers can support local artisans. With millions of merchants across the world, Visa's network is working to help sellers to grow their businesses by giving them a global stage.

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Visa is well known all over the world, but how well? Many have long misunderstood it as a credit card company, but Visa is actually a network—working behind the scenes, connecting just about everyone to just about everyone else, so more of us can play a part in this commerce thing. Visa helps people and small and big businesses alike move money around the world. And it works to open doors—and change minds about what makes a business, a business. It's a network working for everyone. That's way more than a piece of plastic.

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