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Graphic Truth: Why is Gen-Z so optimistic?

Graphic Truth: Why is Gen-Z so optimistic?
High prices are hitting everyone’s pocketbooks in the US and Canada, but Gen Z seems to be feeling it less than the rest of us this summer, according to recent polling data from Maru Public Opinion.

“This enthusiasm among the youngest, more confident young adults,” says Maru Executive VP John Wright, “has disproportionately fueled optimism and pushed up national averages in some key elements of our monthly index, where most others are feeling more negative or worse off about their own financial situation or the economic prospects for the nation.”

Whether it’s naivety, because they are enjoying the summer at home with their parents, or benefitting from an overheated job market, a much higher percentage of Gen Z has seen their financial conditions improve in the last month. They are also far more likely to think the economy is moving in the right direction, which is good news for President Joe Biden, who needs to get younger voters to the polls in 2024.

We take a look at the numbers.


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