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New Numbers: What do Americans and Canadians think of each other?

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Paige Fusco

GZERO Media and Maru Public Opinion will conduct regular polling about how Americans and Canadians view consumer, economic, and socio-political issues. Veteran pollster and Maru EVP John Wright leads the polling team. Each week, we’ll highlight a few numbers from these surveys. You can find the full data set here.

80 & 73: Most Americans and Canadians agree that the two countries should have closer economic ties. But Americans are slightly more in favor — 80% as opposed to 73% of Canadians. FYI, only a tenth on either side wants less trade and economic integration.

83 & 64: The US and Canada are NATO allies, with no daylight in the positions on supporting Ukraine and pushing back against China and Russia. What's more, a whopping 83% of Canadians favor the two countries launching a joint missile initiative, and 64% would even be okay with hosting US missiles on Canadian soil to deter attacks from the Chinese, the Russians, or the North Koreans.

71 & 38: Although a vast majority of both Canadians and Americans see the other country as friendly, there’s some nuance to how they view each other. Indeed, 71% of Americans believe Canadians are just like them “except they live in another country,” compared to only 38% of Canadians. What do you think? Share your thoughts here.

67 & 65: Ice hockey is not just the most followed sport in Canada — it's pretty much a national obsession. And believe it or not, 67% of Americans and 65% of Canadians agree that the best national team is ... Canada. No wonder the NHL is dominated by Canadian players!


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