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Hard Numbers: Bloomberg is getting face time with America

Hard Numbers: Bloomberg is getting face time with America

1: After nearly two decades of painstaking negotiations, Namibia has become the first African country to export red meat to the US, the world's largest per-capita red-meat consumer. This is a boon for the southern African nation's economy, where farming and cattle raising contribute to the incomes of about two-thirds of the population.

3,000: A herd of three-thousand camels has been urgently evacuated from Tripoli, Libya's capital, after the port where they were stationed came under heavy fire from anti-government forces. The camels, imported from Australia, had just arrived when they had to be immediately marched from the port to the city center.

2/3: Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is getting good face time on American TV: two-thirds of all registered voters in the US have now seen a Bloomberg television ad, according to a Yahoo News-YouGov poll. Bloomberg has spent a staggering $338 million on advertising since entering the Democratic presidential field in November.

9: A gunman with suspected far-right links killed nine people in Hanau, Germany, in an overnight rampage that appeared to target the city's Turkish community. The massacre, coming just months after a deadly rampage in the town of Halle targeted Jews, has raised questions about whether Germany is doing enough to address the resurgence of rightwing extremism.


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