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Hard Numbers: School's out for more than half a billion kids

Hard Numbers: School's out for more than half a billion kids

34: Only 34 percent of Pew respondents in Germany said the US-Germany relationship is "good." Believe it or not, that's an improvement over two years ago, when only 24 percent of Germans said the same.

19,400: The Moria migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, designed to house 3,000 migrants, now has around 19,400 people languishing in squalid conditions. A child died Monday when a fire broke out in the overcrowded camp.

3,240: Coronavirus deaths outside of China surpassed the Chinese toll for the first time Monday, as more than 3,240 people have now succumbed to the virus worldwide, compared to 3,208 in mainland China. An interactive map produced by John Hopkins university tracks the rise of global coronavirus cases – deaths and recoveries – in real time.

776.7 million: As of March 16, more than half a billion children worldwide were out of school because of coronavirus closures, the UN said. Eighty-five countries have closed schools nationwide, while dozens of local governments have imposed partial shutdowns. For parents looking for tips on what to do with your kids, this woman's lesson plan gave us a much-needed laugh.


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