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Hard Numbers: More than 100 Iranian protesters are now dead

2,887: Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has now broken a century-old record to become the longest serving PM in Japan's history, at 2,887 days. It's a stunning feat for a premier who made a political comeback after quitting in 2007 due to a series of embarrassing scandals.

100: More than 100 Iranians have been killed by Iran's security forces in the days since a fuel price hike provoked nationwide protests. According to Amnesty International, Iran's supreme leader himself gave security personnel the green light to use force to crush protests.

3,769: The Amazon rainforest shrank by 3,769 square miles in the year ending this past July – that's an area about 12 times the size of New York City. It's the biggest annual loss in more than a decade, the strongest indicator to date that deforestation in the Amazon has surged since Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro came to power with a pledge to loosen environmental restrictions.

Correction: We deleted an earlier reference to a report that cited the number of children in detention in the US as the UN has since issued a statement saying those numbers were incorrect.


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