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Hard Numbers: Turkish lira crashes, French kids stabbed, Senegal closes consulates, German subs made in India, Costa Rican croc gets (self) pregnant

Illustration of Turkey's president teaching Erdonomics
Annie Gugliotta

23.16: On Wednesday, the Turkish lira plummeted 7% to a record low of 23.16 per US dollar. But oddly enough, that's good news for Turkey's economy, since letting the currency fall is a sign that newly reelected President Recep Tayyip Erdogan might abandon his unorthodox policies known as Erdonomics.

5: Five people — four of them children — were injured in a knife attack in a town in the French alps on Thursday. Expect the tragedy to have political ramifications because the assailant, who's already been arrested, is a Syrian refugee.

40: Senegal has temporarily shut down all its consulates abroad after more than 40 people attacked its diplomatic mission in Milan, Italy. The country has been thrown into violent political turmoil since last week, when opposition leader Ousmane Sonko was sentenced to two years in prison for "corrupting youth" just months before the presidential election.

5 billion: India and Germany are working on a 5 billion euro deal to co-produce six diesel submarines to be built in the South Asian nation. This would help the Indians boost local defense production and diversify their military imports away from Russia, by far New Delhi's top supplier.

99.9: A female crocodile in Costa Rica who spent 16 years alone in a zoo managed to ... get herself knocked up. The fully formed fetus was 99.9% genetically identical to its mother. This immaculate conception, known scientifically as "facultative parthenogenesis," has been documented in birds, lizards, snakes, and fish — but never before in crocs.


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