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Humpday Recommendations May 10th, 2023

Watch: Jonathan Pryce on stage fright. Ever feel self-conscious, anxious, and fearful when speaking or performing in front of other people? This four-minute interview clip offers a surprising insight on stage fright and performance anxiety from Jonathan Pryce, one of the world’s great stage and screen actors. – Willis

Read: "How Napoli finally won the Serie A title – 33 years AD (after Diego)." If you're from Naples, Christmas came in May this year. Why? Enjoy this gem of a feature by The Athletic writer James Horncastle, perhaps the best piece of soccer journalism I've ever read. — Carlos

Read: The Fugitive Princesses of Dubai. What led a Dubai princess to flee her country in an intricately planned escape plot with the help of a Scandinavian jujitsu champ? And why did she subsequently disappear off the face of the earth only to reemerge back in Dubai? This New Yorker story has palace intrigue, suspense, and near-perfect prose. – Gabrielle


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