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Pyongyang-Upon-Avon: A Pop Quiz

Pyongyang-Upon-Avon: A Pop Quiz

When it comes to the well-wrought verbal insult, few governments, if any, are in the league of the North Koreans. Just last week they were at it again, decrying US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s “gangster like mentality” “monarchical thinking” and the “unprecedented tragicomedy” of Washington seeking North Korea’s complete denuclearization without giving anything in return along the way.

There’s something almost Shakespearean about the DPRK’s cache of calumnies. So Shakespearean, in fact, that we bet you can’t tell the difference between the Bard himself and the wordsmiths of Pyongyang. Give it a shot – for each of these following insults: was it Shakespeare or the DPRK? Scroll to the bottom of today’s hard numbers for the answers…

  1. Stuffed cloak-bag of guts
  2. A most cruel monster and blood-thirsty beast
  3. Chicken soaked in rain
  4. Fat-kidneyed rascal
  5. Three-inch fool
  6. Old insane bitch


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