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Stories to watch in 2020 (other than the US election)

Stories to watch in 2020 (other than the US election)
What Ben White is watching in 2020 (other than the US election) | US Politics in :60 | GZERO Media

Ben White, Chief Economic Correspondent for Politico, answers your most burning questions on US Politics!

What major bills passed the House in 2019 but stalled in the Senate?

Well, Nancy Pelosi has a long list, but she's cited a background check bill, a paycheck fairness bill, a climate action bill, an immigration bill as some of the major ones that got through the House but died in the Senate.

What is trade between the US, Mexico and Canada going to look like after USMCA.

Well, it'll look a lot like it did under NAFTA. But in fact, there's some estimates that it might slow trade down just a little bit because there are new restrictions on labor, particularly on the Mexican side. So, some estimates say it might slow trade by just a tiny bit. But it'll be very similar to what it was under NAFTA.

What is the biggest story in 2020 other than the election?

I'd say it's the economy, where the economy goes. Do the trade deals and the Phase 1 agreement with China really boost economic growth? Is there more capital expenditure? Does manufacturing get back on track? That'll play out in the election, but it's a big story. The Fed is on the sidelines. So, what does the economy do in 2020? I'll be watching that.


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