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Ben White's New Hampshire primary predictions

Ben White's New Hampshire primary predictions

Ben White, Chief Economic Correspondent for Politico:

What do I expect to see out of New Hampshire on Tuesday?

Well, it's a close race between Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg for first. I think Sanders wins, Buttigieg comes in second. Amy Klobuchar might surge to third. And then it's a fight for fourth and fifth between Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Biden's got to hustle down to South Carolina after this. He better win there or he's in real trouble.

What's the deal with Rudy Giuliani and the DOJ?

Apparently, Giuliani is going in there and sharing information about what he's found on the Ukraine interfering in the 2016 election, which it didn't do. And information about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, all these unproven allegations. But he's in there sharing that info.

Is it legal for President Trump to be firing all these impeachment witnesses?

I think it's legal. Most of these people serve at the pleasure of the president. But firing Sondland and Vindman and Vindman's brother all looks like complete retribution for people who just complied with subpoenas and went up to the Hill to tell the truth. It certainly doesn't look good politically for the president.


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