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Carl Bildt: EU's Green Deal Law; Refugees in Turkey

Carl Bildt: EU's Green Deal Law; Refugees in Turkey

What's the nature of the Green Deal Law that's been proposed by the European Commission?

Well, that's setting into legal terms, the commitment by the European Union to be the first carbon neutral continent really by 2050. I think that will be slightly or not too controversial. But I think more difficult will be the ambitions for 2030. That's closer in time and more difficult. The existing commitment is for 40 percent reduction. The commission wants to take that to 50 or 55 percent. The parliament might be even more ambitious. But it is here that I think we'll see the political battle in the weeks ahead.

What's the nature of the confrontation on between EU and Turkey?

That's very much related to the humanitarian and political catastrophe of the confrontation between Turkey and Russia, Damascus and Idlib. Where we've had since the Russians and Syrians started their offensive in December, we had a further 1 million people displaced. That further 400,000 that on the verge of being displaced. And I think, simply speaking, Erdogan wants to call attention to an extremely difficult situation for Turkey. And he's right in that.


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