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Cross-border who’s who, eh?

Cross-border who’s who, eh?
David Pike for Eurasia Group

The US-Canada Summit in Toronto this week hosted by Eurasia Group and BMO included politicians and business and thought leaders from both countries. Here’s what some of them had to say on key issues:

US Sen. Chris Coons on the border: “These days the largest population crossing the northern border are Indian … One of the things we believe is that a substantial share of those are occurring through fraud. People have fraudulent papers That is something that Canada and the United States and our border agencies can work together on.”

David Axelrod on the next election: “The danger for Trump’s campaign is not the campaign or the message, it’s Trump himself.”

CEO Greg Ebel talking about energy policy: “The only way that CO2 will get from where it is produced to where it will be stored is through a pipeline.”

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy on the benefits of Indigenous engagement in energy production: “In Alaska, life expectancy has increased 14 years in areas where resource development is happening, the largest increase in the world in a short period of time.”

Canadian Treasury Board Minister Anita Anand on Canada’s NATO contribution: “There’s a lot of discussion about the 2% target. Every single day, we are working on the ground with Americans on our joint peace and security and we will continue to increase our defense spending.”

Mark Carney: “If we’re not at the table, we’re on the menu.”


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