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Hard Numbers: US firms go on a Canadian energy run, Taiwan strait drama continues, Russian sanctions-busters busted, Names are for the birds

Chevron and Hess logos.

Chevron and Hess logos.

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

3.2 billion: So far this year, US firms have spent $3.2 billion acquiring Canadian oil and gas companies, the highest figure in a dozen years. Lower valuations for Canadian energy producers are drawing interest from south of the border.

2: Never a dull moment in the Taiwan Strait these days, as the US and Canada have sent two ships through the waterway for the second time in as many months, prompting China — which regards self-governing Taiwan as one of its own possessions — to put its troops on “high alert.”

3: US authorities have charged three people — including two Canadian citizens — with scheming to send millions of dollars' worth of blacklisted technology to Russia. All three of the defendants, who carry Russian passports, were accused of exporting items that Russia has used as part of its invasion of Ukraine.

80: The American Ornithological Society will change the official nonscientific names of as many as 80 US and Canadian bird species named after historical bird nerds who owned slaves, exploited Indigenous people, or held other beliefs that the society says “don’t work for us today.” Wilson’s Warbler for example – named for 19th century naturalist Alexander Wilson – will now go the way of the thick-billed Longspur, formerly named for Confederate Gen. John P McCown. The society says it’s time to “redirect the focus to the birds, where it belongs.”


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