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What Americans & Canadians really think about foreign election meddling, the Arctic, and Canada's health care system

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Paige Fusco

GZERO Media and Maru Public Opinion conduct regular polling about how Americans and Canadians view consumer, economic, and socio-political issues. Veteran pollster and Maru EVP John Wright leads the polling team. Each week, we’ll highlight a few numbers from these surveys. You can find the data here.

91 & 93: Americans and Canadians are fed up with foreign meddling in their national elections. The majority in both countries — 91% of Canadians and 93% of Americans – want their governments to ramp up security and intelligence efforts to stop foreign powers from undermining democracy.

79 & 80: The Russian threat looms large, not just in Ukraine, but also in northern Canada. There is majority support in both Canada and the US, 79% and 80% respectively, for a joint US-Canada military presence in the Arctic.

83 & 69: Americans often buy medicines from Canada to avoid paying through the nose for life-saving drugs at home. But that doesn’t mean all Americans think Canada’s national healthcare system is better. While 83% of Canadians find their healthcare system superior to private US healthcare, only 69% of Americans agree.

85 & 85: Americans and Canadians may disagree over the level of cooperation their governments should have on matters such as trade and immigration, but 85% in both countries are aligned on the need for North America to reduce its reliance on foreign energy supplies by helping the natural gas and oil industry.


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